Moore County, we DON’T have a HENSLEY problem. We have a GRIMESEY-WORONOFF-NAGY problem.

John Nagy must be catching hell at home.  His wife bet wrong in the last elections, and she is no longer entrenched in the “communications” office at Moore County Public Schools.  (The ownership of The Pilot, always loyal Democrats, likely helped her get back on her feet with our reckless hapless state auditor.)

As editor of Pravda-on-Pennsylvania, John Nagy has the power to aim his personal wrath — anonymously or otherwise – at the person or persons of his choice.  It’s apparently been determined that Team Nagy will make the current board of education majority PAY for making Mrs. Nagy commute to Raleigh every day. 

The Pilot is now providing more scrutiny of the school board than it ever did prior to the ascension of Hensley, Levy, Bruno, Benway, Holmes and Davis.

We’ve exposed his antics on behalf of his wife before — hoping that would shame him toward the territory of telling the truth and reporting real news.  No such luck.  Nagy is back with another dishonest and unsigned hit piece slamming the school board’s 3.5-month old conservative majority for the at-least four-year-old mess out at Crain’s Creek Middle School:

Crain’s Creek Middle School is like a house on fire, and the arsonists are blaming the fire fighters.

What started as a discipline problem common to middle schools everywhere has turned into a raging conflagration fueled by schemers last fall who wanted an election issue to leverage.

They got it and won their election, but now they can’t put out what they started. Instead, they shift the blame elsewhere without acknowledging their own actions that have roiled a once-quiet country school.[…]

Hensley & co. have been in power for about 3-1/2 months.  The redistricting plan — shifting a bunch of poor kids from Southern Pines out to a quiet country school — happened at least four years ago.   Check your archive, John-boy. 

Actually, Nagy is right.  The arsonists — The Pilot and Grimesey and Dennison and Carter, et. al. — ARE blaming the firefighters – Hensley & co.

The fire got started FOUR YEARS ago.  Hensley and the gang are firefighters or perhaps CSI, or insurance investigators, surveying the mess, and trying to develop a recovery plan.

The Pilot invested a lot of its diminishing credibility defending bumbling, incompetent, leftist superintendent Bob Grimesey.  The paper stepped out on a limb to rescue him from a justified termination.  With that, they owned the situation. If Grimesey failed, or perhaps fell, it would be on THEM big-time. 

The schools got redistricted on the basis of redistributive racial and economic nonsense contained in crap like CRT and DEI. Not important things like population growth. Every time socialist crap gets implemented, disaster results.  Case-in-point at Crains Creek.


[…] And thus we have a situation at Crain’s Creek where an experienced principal supported by her staff has bailed — more likely has ben pushed out for expediency — and at least a third of the teaching and support staff are resigning in protest.[…]
Long-time central office bureaucrat and current superintendent Tim Locklair made the decision to reassign the principal. Not Hensley and his majority.
Teachers were rightfully afraid of speaking out under the Grimesley-Carter-Dennison regime.  Grimesey, from what’s reported out of back channels in Carthage, took pleasure in intimidating underlings.  Dennison and the rest of his geriatric cohorts on the old board were often little more than a rubber stamp for the tyrannical Grimesey — often deceptively pictured weeping in The Pilot and other drive-by media.


[…] Meanwhile, some parents are still worked up about what they say are ongoing discipline problems and troubles with the learning environment. And no one’s happy with how the Board of Education is handling it.

No ONE?  *You mean, NO ONE in the Nagy household.*  A four-year old mess is likely to take longer than 3.5 months to fix.


[…] Board Vice Chair David Hensley, who helped stoke the effort last fall to turn Crain’s Creek into a crisis, is blaming former “woke” school administrators and board members.

Crain’s Creek surely wasn’t without problems, but it’s amazing how fast the troubles grew last fall, right before early voting started for three Board of Education seats. […]

The Pilot covered up the trouble out there as long as Nagy’s wife was on the payroll as “communications director” out in Carthage. * Gotta keep the central office politicos happy so Mrs. Nagy can keep drawing a paycheck.*

*Now that the paychecks from Carthage have stopped, it’s DefCON 4 “transparency” time.*


[…] Blaming a ‘Woke Plan’

By Hensley’s measure, it wasn’t his alarmist and relentless social media posts, which included videos of fights that allegedly occurred at the school, that got people upset.

It wasn’t his own machinations, or those of his backers, and playing up the “We’ll crack down on discipline” candidacies of Ken Benway, Pauline Bruno and Shannon Davis. It wasn’t the nearby “rallies” before and after school that intimidated faculty and frightened parents. It wasn’t allowing repeated comments at public board meetings running down Principal Melonie Jones and her staff.

Hensley frightened parents?  Why did they approach Hensley & co. about participating in their community meetings?  If you’re going to lie, Johnny, keep your stuff consistent.

So, promising to crack down on discipline problems is bad, eh?  Exposing true stuff to the community that the local paper won’t publish because the editor’s wife is employed by the source of said true stuff is bad, too, eh?

It’s sad.  John Nagy is going to blow what credibility he has left on this quixotic campaign against the folks he blames for running his wife away from the county’s public trough.  (She held a really non-essential job that, we’re told, paid enough to have financed TWO new teachers.  But it was money well-spent.  Grimesey and the gang in Carthage bought some really good coverage for as long as the gig lasted.)

It’s also sad that we have a local paper which has so little respect or regard for local taxpayers.  It’s an attitude the current owners perfected during their decades of ownership at the horrid N&O. They got paid way too much in the sale of The N&O.  So, they can’t possibly blow all their money. Not at least in this lifetime.

It’s a good start to stop buying their rubbish.   Though, some people need extra fish wrap, or bird cage or litter-box lining.

I know some people still get it for the obituaries or the crossword puzzle. But there are other hard-copy and digital sources for those things.

Eventually, Nagy and the owners will start to notice all the unsold, yellowing papers piling up in their back rooms and in the vending machines out on the street.  Maybe then the chickens  — and the realization of ethical sins – will finally come home to roost.