The Pinehurst Hot Mess: Yikes! I’ve been Heintzed.

If you live in Pinehurst, there is a good chance you’ve had an encounter with Jeffrey Heintz and possibly his wife.  They are strong supporters of the disastrous Strickland-Pizzella-Hogeman cartel that has turned the village into a national laughingstock in recent months.  One or both of them is almost always at Pinehurst government public meetings complaining about someone or something.  They were quite active in the recent partially-successful crackdown on vacation rentals in the village. (*Guess which side they were on?*)

Apparently, as supporters of the mayor and his comrades,  the Heintzes feel entitled to tattle on their neighbors to the planning and zoning department and even behave as extensions of the department itself.  Relevant documentation suggests that Mr. Heintz does a great job of harassing village employees throughout the day.

The mayor and his supporters have made no apparent effort to restrain Mr. or Mrs. Heintz, so village employees are left to assume their behavior is welcomed and accepted by the current powers-that-be.

Here are a few examples of Jeffrey’s handiwork / submissions on the village-subsidized MyVOP app:




I’m not surprised the owner and contractor have ignored him. He’s a weirdo with no authority to be demanding this kind of stuff. I’d have him hauled away for trespassing if he continues to show up on-site. Let Strickland pay his bail.

Apparently, Jeffrey believes there is a strict time limit for leaving your trash cans at the curb, and HE is the referee to decide who gets penalized for not meeting said deadline:



THIS next one was actually Pretty Damn Funny. Karma for a pompous busybody. 


Below is Jeffrey’s attempt to tattle on AND shame a whole bunch of property owners all at once:



At this point, it appears some property owners are starting to get annoyed by this tattletale:






THIS is just a taste of what we’re dealing with under the Strickland-Pizzella-Hogeman regime. People with too much inherited money and too little sanity are making life miserable for the rest of us. The sad part is that it is all being condoned by the alleged leadership of village government.

We DO have village council elections this year. The mayor’s office is up. That’s Strickland. Jane Hogeman’s seat is up. And so is the seat held by Lydia Boesch — the ONLY senior leader in Pinehurst government with a lick of sense.

We CAN do better.  Our “ten-year” battle over the traffic circle and “historic pine trees” made The Wall Street Journal and made us national laughingstocks.  *Ah, God bless the Strickland-Pizzella-Hogeman cabal!*

Word is that Strickland may retire and Pat Pizzella may try to replace him.  There is also word that Lydia Boesch may run for mayor.  Electing Lydia mayor would rid us of Strickland AND Pizzella. Replacing Lydia with another sane person and defeating Hogeman – though, I hear SHE may retire — would complete the task of freeing Pinehurst and returning a wee bit of sanity to local government.

This will be our best chance to fix this hot mess.  If people don’t step up and file to rid us of these people, we’ve got at least four more years of their nonsense.  C’mon people.