John Locke Foundation parrots the Tillis-Schumer line re: Tucker, January 6

At one time, The John Locke Foundation was a noble enterprise.  It was established, purportedly, to be the voice of the counter-establishment in Raleigh.  Not just a cheerleader for Republicans, but for conservatism.   Boy have things changed.

Pat McCrory bumbled and stumbled into the governor’s office and started paying attention to Art Pope. Pope, John Hood & co. began going off on wild tangents: championing cash reparations for descendants of state eugenics programs, opposing the marriage amendment, bashing Donald Trump,  and spending a lot of time mocking real conservatives on social media.  They continued to make a mockery of their original mission by hiring on Dallas Woodhouse.

If you are a moneyed conservative — and you are a donor to the Locke crowd — you might as well just flush all your cash down the toilet.  It will do just about as much good.

The latest head-scratcher from the Locke crowd can recently when they sent someone named Mitchapparently a visitor from another planet — to represent the Foundation on local news.  Despite hailing from another planet, Mitch From Outer Space‘s tap-dancing skills rival those of his boss John Hood. 

The other day, our sewer rat of a senior senator labeled Tucker Carlson and his release of the January 6 videos as ‘bullshit.’  Being the *class act* that he is,  Tilli$ let loose with that epithet on national TV.

Democrat senate leader Chuck Schumer seemed to echo Tillis’ remarks.

Mitch From Outer Space picked up from where Tillis and Schumer left off:

[…]”As someone who was there, and saw what happened in the Capitol, I think he felt empowered to say ‘Look, I was there and I saw what happened. This is not what happened, and you can’t just call these folks sight-seers.”[…]

So, is Mitch leading us to believe that Tucker staged ALL that video himself? *Talk about an Oscar-worthy piece of production.*

If you actually watched Tucker Carlson’s shows — instead of just regurgitating what Tilli$$$ and Schumer said — you would have seen footage of cops (1) moving barricades and opening doors and waving protesters through, and (2) leading protesters on actual tours of the Capitol, the most famous being ‘The Shaman’ dude.

So, yeah Mitch, there was some sightseeing going on that day.  It was being offered and coordinated by some police officers on scene.

But Mitch From Outer Space was not done. He thought McCarthy should have given the tapes to ALL news media:

[…] And that way you could have had a lot of different people look at this information and shedding much more light on it, having much more transparency rather than just choosing one person who we know has a bias and allowing that person to set his own narrative.” […]

The only people asking for them were Tucker and other actual conservative media.  The drive-bys and establishment types could have given a crap. They took what Pelosi and her sham committee doled out and aided and abetted the scam.

Ol’ Mitch gave us his conclusion, unsolicited, on how Tucker’s shows would affect January 6 inquiries:

“It keeps us in a holding pattern and at least sets us back from getting to the truth of what happened January 6. […] So, I think the best way to characterize this is a missed opportunity.”

So there you go.  Nothing to see here, folks.

Never mind that Tucker discovered at least one piece of evidence that was improperly withheld from a January 6 protester’s trial.  I guess standing up for someone’s due process and discovery rights is such yawn-inducer, eh Mitch?

If you’re craving even more footage and information about January 6 that Mitch and the gang don’t want you to see, check out The Real Story of January 6 by The Epoch Times.

There’s a simple rule I like to follow:  If you sound exactly like Chuck Schumer, you are not conservative. 

John Hood and Mitch From Outer Space  sound just like Thom Tillis who sounds just like Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer.

Make no mistake, the narrative on January 6 thus far has been aimed at taking Trump down and defanging the MAGA movement.  The attacks on Tucker are the latest by the folks — even some allegedly on our side — to get in a few more kicks.  They did a wonderful job of discrediting the Tea Party Movement and killing that off.  Why not a repeat performance with MAGA?

Why keep listening to, and voting for, and funding people who are rolling their eyes and mocking you and the country and freedoms you so deeply cherish?