Folwell causing heartburn in the Jones Street ‘swamp’

“Dale Folwell is causing a lot of trouble for me.”

THAT is a quote uttered very recently from the mouth of a very powerful Republican leader in The North Carolina General Assembly.  This leader apparently did not realize they were uttering that sentence within earshot of one of my many pairs of “ears” in Raleigh’s halls of power.

It was kind of like hearing a pimp complain about how bad the cops have been for business. Or hearing roaches complain about the exterminators. 

Given who that Folwell statement was attributed to, I’d say our state treasurer deserves a pat on the back for a ‘job well done.’

Big Medical has been flexing its muscle in Raleigh in recent years.  They’ve balked at efforts by Folwell to make them disclose WHAT they’re charging members of the state employees health plan.  They handed out a lot of cash to Jones Street politicians who temporarily thwarted Folwell’s transparency efforts.

Lots of Big Medical types think they are entitled — high prices and bad customer service and all — to a permanent place at the public trough.  They financed a PAC to attempt a smear campaign against Folwell for daring to open up competition for state health plan business.

Big Medical also LOVES the Medicaid expansion package moving briskly through the General Assembly.  It creates a brand new tax revenue windfall for these corporate giants, and keeps the anti-competition, pro-monopoly certificate of need (CON) system virtually intact.  Folwell hasn’t been a big fan of this effort either. 

We’ve just recently heard from a GOP legislator who announced he’s changing his vote on Medicaid expansion from a YES to a NO.  He apparently went home and got an unpleasant earful from the folks back home.  *Isn’t it amazing how something can sound so rosy and wonderful inside the belt line, but induce so much anger out in the real world where the voters live?*

Hands down, Dale Folwell has been the most consequential state treasurer we’ve had in eons. He’s throwing a whole lot of common sense into the debate in Raleigh, and helping to alert the rest of us about the attempted shenanigans there.

Dale Folwell is not a problem for the GOP.  He is an example of how-it-should-be-done. Folwell is supplying a template for nailing down the overwhelming respect of the people from Murphy to Manteo.

If Speaker Timmy and Uncle Phil and their piles of ill-gotten special interest cash impress you more than the opinions of average people back home, you’re in the wrong place.  You ran for office to act on what the folks back home tell you.  You owe Phil and Timmy and their lobbyist pals NOTHING.