JohnLockeCivitas rushes to Thom Tilli$$’s defense

The decline and fall of The John Locke Foundation and Civitas has been really sad to watch.  At one time, these two were well-regarded oases for people honestly seeking limits to government in Raleigh.  A lot of the brain-power that once dominated those places has either retired or fled.  Now, the in-house “brain power” IS Dallas Woodhouse and Donald Bryson.

What was once a cheerleader for limited government is now a cheerleader for the GOP.  Government overreach and corruption was BAD when Democrats steered the ship of state.  Now, with the GOP controlling most of the state’s innards, those things are apparently- in the eyes of LockeCivitas -either nonexistent or no big deal. 

Here’s where the latest LockeCivitas travesty began:

Sooooo – help me remember.  Who was it who went on Tucker’s Fox show to say our southern border was great and secure and that Trump’s wall was not necessary?  (Which idiot was THAT?)

You all may remember that Tucker Carlson had a ground-breaking interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin.  While in Russia, Tucker decided to go get – on camera – some fast food and some groceries in Moscow.  The point he made?  Despite the US and EU-backed sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict, Russia appears to be doing fine.  Russians are not dealing with massive inflation like our corrupt, incompetent politicians have saddled us with.

Anyone who has been out for fast food lately knows the prices at McDonald’s and the like have skyrocketed.  At the McDonald’s knock-off housed in what used to be the Moscow McDonald’s, Tucker showed us you can get a meal for one-half to one-third of the cost at a US-based McDonald’s.

The same is true for groceries.  It’s practically a miracle to make it out of the grocery checkout line in the US for less than $100. Tucker found that groceries in Moscow stores – open to the public at large – are one-quarter to one-half of the price they are in the US.

And the subways.  It is interesting to note that Russia, a country larger than ours,  can actually keep their infrastructure crackhead-free, vandalism-free, and pretty much crime-free. Anyone try to partake in public transit recently in THIS country?  Scary stuff, eh?

Interesting observations, to say the least. 

Folks were already riled up about Tillis declaring his own voters too stupid to understand the whole Ukraine aid thingie.   This added fuel to the fire.

Never fear, though.  LockeCivitas has a track record of defending Tilli$$ against Tucker Carlson and other real conservatives.   LockeCivitas’s David Larson was more than eager to step forward to help our senior senator:

First, I doubt Larson is old enough to remember much of The Cold War.  Second, it was not even close to the Michael Moore stunt.  Third, he makes it painfully clear that LockeCivitas has never, and will never, be a serious player in the world of foreign policy analysis.  Fourth, neither Tilli$$ nor Larson honestly captured what Tucker presented in his videos.

“Anti-trade”?  Larson and his pals are the ones cheerleading for trade sanctions.  Tucker pointed out how the free market is working well in Moscow despite the sanctions.  “Anti-west”?  Not sure what the hell Larson is talking about there.  “Wanting more government programs”? That neither.  “Anti-Israel”?  I don’t see that either. “Pacifist”?  We “fringe” types would prefer a serious plan-of-attack to secure and protect our own southern border  instead of wasting a lot of our blood and treasure on a conflict on the other side of the world that has nothing to do with us.  

And using the term “fringe-right”?  Did LockeCivitas swipe this Larson guy off of Rob Schofield and Chris Fitzsimon’s payroll? Those are the kinds of people who typically use phrasing like that.  LockeCivitas used to be called “fringe-right” by Schofield and his comrades.  Now, their employees are spitting it, with venom, at real-life conservatives who haven’t sold their souls to the Raleigh kleptocracy. (*If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  I guess.*)

LockeCivitas used to raise serious questions about bad policy being considered in the legislature.  They used to unmask and expose corrupt politicians. Now, they apparently cover for them. (Looking at you, Mitch and Donna.) 

It’s pretty clear that LockeCivitas is on board with Thom Tilli$$ and the branding of mainline conservatives as “fringe” and “idiots.”

The real idiots out there are the people who still view LockeCivitas as a credible voice for conservatism and keep throwing money at them. You might as well flush your cash down the toilet or toss it out the window as you commute the belt line each morning.  It will do just as much, um, good.

You’re also an idiot if you buy – for the third time – in 2026 that voting for Tillis is better than voting for a Democrat. It’s not. There is NO difference. 

Conservatism is a lot more than the (R) at the end of your name.  Thom Tilli$$ is proof of that.

Folks, there is no one in or around Raleigh fighting the serious fight for limited government. We’re on our own. 

** One more quick reminder of who is on campaign 2024’s Team Tillis:

  • Catherine Truitt
  • Tim Moore
  • Grey Mills
  • John Bradford
  • Jeff Tarte
  • Chuck Edwards

If you SEE any of these people on the campaign trail, be sure to tell them how displeased you are with their pal Thom Tillis.  If ANY of them show up on your ballot, vote for someone else.