Tucker Carlson: Richard Burr must resign, face prosecution


Another powerful voice on the right is expressing disdain and disgust with our senior US senator:


Thursday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson called on Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) to resign after reports show he sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock after signaling a warning to a group called the Tar Heel Club about the threat of the coronavirus.


The allegation is that Burr gave contradicting information publicly, downplaying the threat before his sell-off and may have had inside information given his position as the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


“You may have seen news reports this afternoon that chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee sold more than a million dollars in stock in mid-February after learning about how devastating the Chinese coronavirus could be. He had inside information about what could happen to our country, which is now happening,” Carlson said. “But he didn’t warn the public. He didn’t give a primetime address. He didn’t go on television to sound the alarm. He didn’t even disavow an op-ed he’d written just 10 days before claiming America was “better prepared than ever for coronavirus.”


He didn’t do any of those things,” he continued. “Instead, what did he do? He dumped his shares in hotel stocks so he wouldn’t lose money, and then he stayed silent. Maybe there is an honest explanation for what he did. If there is, he should share it with the rest of us immediately. Otherwise, he must resign from the Senate and face prosecution for insider trading. There is no greater moral crime than betraying your country in a time crisis, and that appears to be what happened.”

4 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: Richard Burr must resign, face prosecution

  1. I’m no fan of Burr but Tucker has become Soros’s Bitch. Burr would have been a schmuck if he held on to stocks he was advised to sell. And the deals were THREE WEEKS after the bullshit briefing that was leaked onto Twitter before he left the room.

  2. I think Burr for the most part did a very poor job on his committee, however he is not guilty of insider trading. That is a bogus charge. He is not an insider. You can look the Law up yourself. It is very clear. Burr didn’t know anything that wasn’t already public info. However I am more concerned why Biden and the Clinton family are not under investigation for their corrupt dealings using taxpayer money. Where are the indictments for those in the Obama regime who tried an unsuccessful coup of a sitting President.

  3. If Burr was a real insider he would have sold all his stock and taken the funds and sold the market short. If he knew the market was going to crash why not take advantage. How many of the Wall Street geniuses who follow world events knew the market was going to crash and sold short. No one foresaw this crash. Just more BS. You may not like him and I don’t like some of the things he has done-but I don’t participate in witch hunts.

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