#ncpol: Uh-oh. We’ve got mail.


It appears to be from NCGOP chairman candidate Jim Womack to Dallas Woodhouse — the, um, “brains” of the state party — and somebody named Katie at NCGOP HQ.  And it apparently has been passed around to a few others not named on the email:


I am once again requesting assistance in obtaining delegate lists for all of the counties and districts.  I am told all of these lists have been forwarded to you and to the respective district secretaries. 
As you suggested eight days ago, I sent out a note to all the District Chairs (and Secretaries where they were identified) requesting these lists.  To date, I have only received a response from CD4 (Complete in MS Excel, Unmerged), CD6 (Complete in MS Excel, Merged), and CD8 (counties unmerged and not in MS Excel).  None of the other former District Secretaries were responsive.  I have asked the new Chairman in CD7 to assist in obtaining his list and I hope to hear from him later today.  But there is no prognosis on the other lists I need- CD1, CD3, CD5, CD9, CD10, CD11, CD12, and CD13.
Interestingly, I am told my opponent in the Chairman’s race has been calling delegates I do not have access to.  Somehow, this doesn’t seem ethical, certainly not consistent with the conservative values we cherish.
Please do what you can to remedy this disadvantage in reaching declared delegates I continue to have.  If you cannot compel these chairmen to do their jo, as required, then please just send me all 100 of the county spreadsheets sent to you beginning in March.  I can use those lists for calling and mailing purposes.
As always, warm regards/
Jim Womack
Candidate for NCGOP Chairman
Well, it appears Dallas responded  (Grandpa must have been sleeping):

Dear: Jim Womack

As we mentioned previously, we do not have the Congressional District Delegate lists.  We are providing you, as well as all other candidates who have requested the information, lists of Delegates and Alternates as they are seated by the Credentials Committee.  Districts are not required to submit their Delegate Lists to the Party.

While we are not involved in the Chairman’s race,  your opponent may be calling lists of previous Delegates, Executive Committee or another personal  list of contacts. We have not provided anything to Chairman Hayes or anybody else that we have not provided to you.

In response to your complaint, we have sent a memo, which you were copied on, to the Central Committee reminding them to treat all candidates equally.  It is up to each District whether or not to release their Delegate information.  Most are the same Delegates and Alternates that you are being provided in your weekly lists.


Dallas Woodhouse

And here is Mr. Womack in response:


It seems to me that, in this magnificent digital age, the party might find a way to share the 100 county Excel workbooks that have been turned in to the party headquarters.  Those workbooks contain the counties’ lists of delegates, along with the newly elected officers, which are of interest to those candidates running for statewide office.

Now, I could be wrong, but I imagine our current chairman has access to those workbooks.  I do not. So I think it is a bit disingenuous to say I have everything that he has.

Since the district chairmen and secretaries are not all forwarding their delegate lists, then perhaps you could find a way to send me the workbooks that you have. That would help a lot.

As always warm regards,


Oh, I think we’ve seen a lot of this type of stuff before.  (Two years ago, as a matter of fact …)