NCGOPe hacks belittle grassroots, compare them to pre-schoolers

For me, it’s been obvious for decades that GOP elites here and nationally have pure contempt-filled hatred for those of us who actually buy into the party platform and demand our elected officials comply with it.  That’s why I wasn’t completely surprised to see a recent Facebook discussion featuring some NCGOPe hacks and one of NC’s RNC committee reps, Kyshia Brassington, expressing their annoyance with people who just don’t see the brilliance and wisdom in Raleigh and DC Republicans:



So, those of us out here who actually buy into the party platform are like little kids who need to be “guided” like Kyshia’s pre-schoolers?  Talk about unbridled arrogance.

Working “with” everyone?  Kinda like these people did with Hasan Harnett?  If they devoted half the energy to helping him and the party that they did to stabbing him in the back, just imagine how much prettier the NCGOP’s situation would be looking right now.

Brassington voted to reelect Ronna Romney to head the RNC, and even whipped votes to make it happen.  Never mind the overwhelming opposition back home to another term for Ms. Romney.  *Pleasing the RNC  and her dunderhead GOPe girlfriends are what matters most to Ms. Kyshia.* Her remarks shown here are a great example of what the DC and Raleigh establishment think of us.  

Dissent and debate are two things that have made this country great. Dissent helped get the ball rolling on independence from Britain and the establishment of the greatest nation on the globe.  Places with no debate — or dissent — are typically some of the worst places to be.  Think North Korea, Iran, Cuba, China, Afghanistan. 

It’s so easy, when you are in power, to dream about a scenario where this no opposition.  But that’s a pretty scary environment for the rest of us out here to even contemplate.

Just remember: A day will come when you are not in power.  At that point, you’ll wish you had some protections and respect for your “minority opinion”.



*I’m pretty sure ALL of these people in this discussion think Mike Whatley is doing a GREAT job.*