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Roy Cooper kills RNC convention in Charlotte, marches with rioting rabble

      Governor Doofus claims he’s acting out of concern for everyone’s safety,  but he had no qualms with marching massless and gloveless with the rioting rabble today:   While THIS went down,  here was our governor: Of course, state Republicans were not happy….

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Will ‘Lady Parts!’ become the rallying cry for the GOPe in 2020?

  (I always thought ‘lower taxes’ and ‘less government’ and ‘kill the bill’ were more effective at election time. But, I digress.)   The drive-by media and their Democrat handlers have long championed the importance of quotas and the compartmentalization of people.  The GOP supposedly…

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#hayesscandal : Um, The RNC to the (*SIGH*) rescue?

    Two guys who played a big part in bringing The North Carolina Republican Party to its current state of disaster are apparently intimating JUST THAT: […] “What you saw in North Carolina 9 is very different than what we’ve seen reported this week….

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#ncga: Time for mandatory rabies testing?

I have some good friends residing in and around Charlotte.  But I tell them often — your hometown is a LOST CAUSE. For starters, they’ve got a rioter and a 9-11 skeptic / cop-hater sitting on their city council.   The producers are fleeing by…

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Art Pope: Keep shoveling your $$$ to the GOPe in DC

Alleged conservative godfather Art Pope is trying to tell us it’s a bad idea to write off Mitch McConnell and the boys in DC:  […] The White House has been closely monitoring the donor unease, concerned that it could derail the party’s 2018 efforts. Last…

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Tillis: Anger at Congress killing GOPe fundraising

The drive-bys tell us that the big donors to the national GOP are a wee bit miffed at their boys and girls on Capitol Hill: Republicans are confronting a growing revolt from their top donors, who are cutting off the party in protest over its…

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The RNC and Grandpa, sittin’ in a tree …

Dallas’s grandpa recently got some love from DC GOPe HQ: The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Robin Hayes will serve as Chairman of the State Chairmen, and RNC Co-Chair Bob Paduchik will serve as Chairman for the Presidential Nominating Process Committee. Chairman of the chairmen? …

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#RNCinCLE: The heavy hand. Melania’s speech. And WHY is Dallas Woodhouse so angry?

It’s interesting to see all of the takes on the happenings so far in Cleveland.  On one hand, you have folks beating on Reince Priebus and the boys for being too top-down and heavy-handed.  Disrespecting the grassroots.  On the other hand, you have folks saying…

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Activist: Robin Hayes return, legacy of 2012, don’t bode well for integrity of 2016 GOP convention

That’s what NCGOP activist, and 2012 RNC delegate Sammy Dodd tells us in a written statement provided to us exclusively: As soon as I heard the news that Robin Hayes was elected the new NCGOP Chairman at the April 30th NCGOP Executive Committee Meeting and…

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Moore County’s Miriam Chu to challenge Fisher for NC’s RNC post

She’s been the fearless leader of Moore Tea Citizens — the largest Tea Party group in North Carolina.  She’s been out front in defending and supporting besieged NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett.  She’s fearlessly questioned authority — both Democrats AND Republicans —  and successfully pressured government…