An endorsement for Dhillon in RNC race

Granville County is leading the pack AGAIN.  They were out front in denouncing Thom Tillis over his fling with gay marriage.  (Unfortunately, they got fooled by his trickery on the omnibus vote.  Tillis voted for a side-by-side amendment, which even liberal establishment rags like Roll Call and The Hill admit is a long-time ploy to fool “the folks back home.”) 

Now, they’ve come with an endorsement of attorney Harmeet Dhillonwho grew up in Wake County — for RNC chairman.  But they blew it with an endorsement of Michael Whatley for vice-chairman.

Whatley has been an absolute failure as NCGOP chairman.  He’s in the race to aid and abet the reelection of fellow failure and current RNC chairman Ronna Romney. If Dhillon and Whatley were to win, Whatley would be a thorn in the side of any type of conservative insurgency Dhillon could get started.  Whatley is owned by Tillis and everyone else who has corrupted the GOP brand in Raleigh and DC.

Voting again for Michael Whatley for ANYTHING is a vote to continue the on-going corruption afflicting the national and state GOP.