Will ‘Lady Parts!’ become the rallying cry for the GOPe in 2020?


(I always thought ‘lower taxes’ and ‘less government’ and ‘kill the bill’ were more effective at election time. But, I digress.)


The drive-by media and their Democrat handlers have long championed the importance of quotas and the compartmentalization of people.  The GOP supposedly was all for judging people “by the content of their character,” — like MLK said.


Though, it is starting to sound like the GOPe is buying into the media and Democrat criticism of the makeup of their own party.



During the recently completed Third District runoff election, we heard a lot about the “importance” of having more ‘lady parts’ in the GOP caucus.  It didn’t matter what ideological beliefs were attached to said ‘lady parts,’  we were told we just needed MORE of them.


The voters of the Third District soundly rejected the ‘lady parts’ argument — sending Joan Perry back to her pediatric practice in Kinston.



If you remember, out of all the possible choices,  the NCGOP convention featured US senator Joni Ernst — a national ringleader in the ‘More Lady Parts’ movement — as the keynote speaker. NCGOP has on staff this long, tall Catherine person from Texas who is spearheading an all-female takeover of the North Carolina Young Republicans.


For years, the field has been cleared for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest to make a 2020 run for the governor’s mansion.  Anyway, it’s always been the natural path of progression for LTGs.  Two terms as LTG, and then try for the big house on Blount Street.


But, amidst the cries for MORE LADY PARTS,  we are seeing evidence of the recruitment of state Rep.  Holly Grange (R-Wilmington) to run for governor.  Grange is significantly to the left of Forest and — as an added bonus — her husband got mentioned in the US House Benghazi hearings and had business dealings with Hillary Clinton crony Sidney Blumenthal. (Um, yay?)


Will we see the party establishment backing female candidates over male candidates based on the sheer fact that ‘lady parts’ show up on ONE side of the equation?


Are we seriously attempting to penalize Lt. Dan for lacking ‘lady parts’? What has this party come to?



WHY are we caving in to the idiots on the other side?  WHY?  Gender doesn’t — and shouldn’t — matter either way.  One’s stance on the issues, and how they might spend my money when they get to Raleigh or DC, matter the most to me.