Tougher voting rules for Thee, but NOT for us.

There aren’t many of us who have completely washed the bad taste of June’s NCGOP convention from our mouths.  The whole thing was basically two middle-fingers and a raspberry from an arrogant establishment that wishes the “peasants” would simply show up to vote THEN SHUT UP.

The June sham in Greensboro which led to the, um, “re-election” of Thom Tillis toe-licker Michael Whatley is currently the subject of pending litigation in Wake County Superior Court.

Vote integrity activists have been hollering for eons about paper ballots in elections.  Electronic devices are too susceptible to crashes and failure and hacking.  They leave little in the form of an audit trail in case an issue arises with the election(s) in question.  (Some NCGOPe folks apparently like it that way.)

Well, the Republican National Committee recently passed a resolution calling for all sorts of reforms to election practices:

 It’s funny, though.  The resolution contained a lot of the same stuff that Whatley challenger John Kane championed before and during his campaign against Whatley.  Much of the stuff in the resolution was also a lot of the same stuff rejected / ignored by Whatley and his Tillis toe-licking cult colleagues on Hillsborough Street.

Whatley and NC committee members Ke$ha Brassington and Ed Broyhill all enthusiastically backed this new RNC resolution.  All three of them aggressively ignored / rejected these issues before, during and after the controversial state GOP convention.

It looks good to talk tough on election integrity when the cameras are on.  But when it comes time to fight off the “peasants”?  Hey, anything goes.