Activists’ legal complaint against NCGOPe starting to get interesting

We’re starting to see some activity on the legal complaint filed in mid-July by three NCGOP activists about the state party’s June convention. 

Phil Strach, John Branch, and Jordan Koonts of Raleigh’s NELSON MULLINS RILEY & SCARBOROUGH have stepped forward as counsel for the defendants (a/k/a The North Carolina Republican Party a/k/a The NCGOPe).   The defense has filed a motion asking the court to extend their time to respond to the complaint until September 18.

Interestingly, sources close to the plaintiffs tell us a preliminary injunction hearing is slated to take place in late August or early September.  If the judge in that hearing rules in favor of the plaintiffs at that hearing, the state party could be forced to hold a new leadership election real soon.  

If the injunction is not granted at that hearing, the case would move forward to trial.  This would be a longer process involving some pretty detailed (read: interesting) discovery and testimony.