Overridden: ‘Tough Love’ gets the job done

Wow. Governor Doofus hasn’t been man-handled this roughly since ‘Joey Bats’ last visited his crib over on Blount Street.

Raleigh insiders tell me the real story from today’s veto override bonanza was the intense public pressure.  Several of the vetoed bills, including:

were slated for legislative euthanasia, but were revived by intense public pressure.  Plenty of folks with votes on the floor got one hell of an earful.  If not for the public pressure, these bills would have stayed vetoed.  

(Excuse the description of Senate Bill 49.  That’s WRAL’s favorite pair of low-T boytoys expressing their bias and frustration.  Except for a few extreme cases, sane people agree that bureaucrats need to defer to parents on decisions involving kids.)

Far too many people believe that having the right letter (R or D) next to your name means you can be trusted to do the “right thing.”  WRONG.  Far too often, deep-pocketed special interests overrule our interests on some very important state policy decisions.  Far too often, all that cash wins the day.  These people are supposed to be OUR representatives.  Not the “representative” of their favorite well-paying lobbyist. 

The lesson here?  Stay on these people like you stay behind your own children.  We — and several others in the blogosphere and other parts of social media — do our best to keep you informed on key issues.  Stay informed, talk to your friends, and especially talk to the folks who show up on your ballot every two years purportedly to represent you.

It’s truly a shame that common sense stuff like this takes so much work to get done.

Pat yourselves on the back, folks.  Job well done.  But it’s far from over.  There is a lot of work left to do to save our state and our country.