Hey, everybody! Meet Tricia.

The NCGOP establishment is bending over backwards to sell the new-and-improved state Rep. Tricia Cotham of Mecklenburg County as the next greatest thing in North Carolina politics.  Tricia is all over Dallas Woodhouse’s Twitter — sorry, X — feed.  (You MIGHT think ol’ Dallas is in love.) 

She saved the NCGOP — we’re told — by giving it a veto-proof supermajority WHICH, in turn, has given US Medicaid expansion, increased centralization of government power, more cronyism for big contributors, and, likely, casinos.  Not one thing we asked for, by the way.

Why the hard sell?  Why should we be so excited about this princess of a renowned Mecklenburg County Democrat political dynasty, former wife to a former state Democrat Party chairman, and legislator with a distinct liberal voting record switching parties?

Let’s review, shall we?

In 2015, Tricia Cotham proudly hosted Texas state senator Wendy Davis, a nationally-known passionate defender of abortion, at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Charlotte.  Now, how do you reconcile THAT with the NCGOP’s significant pro-life constituency?

Here’s Tricia hollering ‘racism’ at a cop trying to deal with an unruly black teenager. Of course, without knowing any more facts than we do.

Here’s Tricia mocking popular former GOP legislator Bob Rucho over his weight.

Here’s Tricia attacking GOP legislators over teacher pay and “bonuses.”

Here’s Tricia  cheering for gun control AND showing us how few IQ points there are inside that well-coiffed head of hers. 

Here are Tricia and her fellow (former) legislative dingbat Susi Hamilton musing on Twitter about how the GOP majority is not creating any jobs. 

And lastly, but not least, is my favorite display of Cotham ding-battery on Twitter – um, X. Enjoy.

It’s pretty clear the NCGOPe has big plans for her.  She can’t be reelected to her current House seat.  Maybe they’ll run her for the congressional seat Dan Bishop is vacating. She’s long had her eye on DPI.   Anyway — there is SOME good reason out there that she is being paraded all over the state in front of party activists.

Stay tuned.