Arrivederci, Rucho!

ruchoState senator Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg), his body’s Finance Committee chairman, threw everyone a curve ball by announcing his decision to not seek reelection.  He’s been quite a force on Jones Street for years.  He was definitely not someone who perpetuated indifference.  EVERYBODY had an opinion on the guy.

Rucho racked up a respectable, gentleman’s B+ (88.9 percent) in Civitas’s most recent conservative effectiveness rankings.  He has been a leader in trying to end the state’s renewable energy mandates. Stuff like that has helped earn Rucho the ire of the hysterical, bed-wetting left — inside and outside of various and sundry McClatchy newsrooms. tc

The same crowd that gets all touchy-feely about ANYTHING that may hurt a favored constituency’s feelings has had no qualms about mocking Rucho’s portly stature.  For instance, here’s state Rep. Tricia Cotham — who, as you can see from this mug shot, has NO BUSINESS making fun of ANYBODY’S personal appearance:



*Classy, huh?*  

And then there’s THIS self-important d-bag inhabitant of McClatchy’s Charlotte newsroom:



Wow.  Getting mocked by someone employed by a money-bleeding unreadable disaster.  (I think this blog has made more money this year than Batten’s so-called newspaper.)

To make matters worse, the speculation about Rucho’s potential replacement is sending chills up our collective spines here at Haymaker HQ:



Peacock?  He makes Charles Jeter look like Larry Pittman.   Peacock is one of those people who is Republican because, um, *that’s what rich white people do.*   An even bigger Hell, NO to lil’ Tricia or her pal Jackson.   Any of those three would be a bad trade and a real setback to the effort to slow and slay the leviathan in Raleigh. 





7 thoughts on “Arrivederci, Rucho!

    1. Point taken. Granted, he’s not ideologically pristine. But he’s a heck of a lot better than what they’re talking about replacing him with.

  1. Sorry to see Rucho go. He was not always conservative, but he was a heck of a lot better than most of the Mecklenburg delegation and light years better than most of the House leadership.

    Maybe Rucho will run for Congress against the awful Pittenger.

    1. Rucho has disappointed me at times. Maybe that’s because I’ll always think fondly of him for executing a truly karmic payback of one of the most arrogant jerks to ever disgrace the political landscape of North Carolina.

    2. Rucho is a long time investor with Pittenger’s shady land company and has defended Pittenger even after the Pittenger FBI investigation became public. He is not going to run against Pittenger.

  2. Nobody’s perfect. I know that because I have to look in the mirror every day. But Bob Rucho has done some good stuff and will be missed. He has certainly be very kind to me personally, and now that he is not going to be around after 2016 to help, I just hope we can continue on the path of tax reform until all income taxes are eliminated.

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