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Judicial Watch to NC: Clean up your voter records or be SUED!

In the wake of an audit that found ineligible voters casting votes in the state’s 2016 elections, an advocacy group called Judicial Watch is stepping forward with a pretty serious demand for state elections officials: Dear Director Strach: We write to bring your attention to…

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Tillis bill ANOTHER ‘Gang of Eight’-style amnesty scam

THAT is the verdict that is coming in:  […]Immigration experts like Mark Krikorian with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) have taken to social media to call out Tillis’ legislation as just another Sen. John McCain-style “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill. The “Gang of Eight”…

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The NCGOP’s big county problem

The N&O slipped up and actually did some decent reporting:  While Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper is expected to clash with the Republican-controlled General Assembly over the next several months, he has two other political challenges: Most of the state is Pat McCrory territory, geographically speaking….

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#Butt-hurt: Driveby media, radical left sink to new low on the eve of TRUMP-day

James O’Keefe told us that attacks on inaugural events — like this Deplora-Ball that went on last night — were coming.  Of course, the driveby media ignored it and reported on the chaos like it was a shocking surprise. Trump supporters, opponents clash outside ‘DeploraBall’…

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#ncpol: Gettin’ PAID for mailing stuff

As the end of the year reporting deadline came and went, I thought it would be fun to check in on the NCGOP organization itself.  For those of you playing along at home, that’s more complicated than it sounds. To look up the NCGOP on…

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SCOTUS puts brakes on Soros-Barber-Cooper tag team efforts to obtain new maps, elections for 2017

For a while, it’s been looking like — if you can’t get your way at the ballot box — you judge-shop until you find an old law school crony in black robes to make something up and bail you out.  Our highest court appears to…

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Burr ready to subpoena Trump on ‘Russian hacking’?

There’s still no evidence worthy of a court hearing that the Russian government covertly affected the integrity of our presidential election.  The publicly-released report from the intelligence community was full of disclaimers about how they don’t stand behind any of the findings. Julian Assange of…

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Drivebys: American voters didn’t elect Trump. Russia did.

I’ve been watching driveby media for a long time.  I thought I’d seen it at its worst under President Reagan and during the tenure of Senator Jesse Helms.  Donald Trump is 17 days away from being sworn and the drivebys are making their behavior during…

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Merry Christmas.

2016 has been wild and crazy right to the very end.  (We get the feeling we may see a little more in the break between Christmas and New Year’s.)  Once again, we all here at Haymaker HQ want to thank you for your loyalty and…

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#ncga: We’re looking at YOU, Mr. Bryan. (Yes. We. Are.)

We asked earlier WHO among House Republicans had the cojones to write into law — to codify, if you will — protection of state funding for a radical leftist non-profit.  Yep. Someone actually did that — in a bill sponsored by Republican Reps. Rob Bryan…