Burr ready to subpoena Trump on ‘Russian hacking’?

There’s still no evidence worthy of a court hearing that the Russian government covertly affected the integrity of our presidential election.  The publicly-released report from the intelligence community was full of disclaimers about how they don’t stand behind any of the findings. Julian Assange of Wikileaks keeps insisting at the top of his lungs that he did not get the leaked DNC emails from “a state actor” — i.e., a government entity.  (Now the Democrats and useful idiot Republicans pushing this Russian hacking story are suggesting that Wikileaks got the information from a middleman for the Russian government.) 

Speaking of useful idiots, Richard Burr — fresh off his slapfight victory over Debbie Ross — is thumping his chest and working overtime to paint himself as the second coming of Sam Ervin.   (I heard his BFF Lindsey Graham-nesty {RINO-SC] on the radio the other day blasting Russia for ”hacking into our political system.”  Really?  I wish Lindsey and Dick had shown this much interest about the email server in Hillary’s powder room — which contained all kinds of national security secrets and got the bejeezus hacked out of it.)

Here’s our very own Tricky Dick himself: 

[…] “The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) was established to oversee the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government, and to ensure that the appropriate departments and agencies provide informed and timely intelligence to our nation’s leaders.  The threats and challenges facing our country are numerous, and one of the Committee’s obligations is to ensure that the Intelligence Community is positioned to understand those threats—to the greatest extent possible—and to communicate their assessments of those threats to our nation’s civilian and military leadership so that they may respond accordingly.

It’s also of dubious constitutionality.  It was founded in the wake of Watergate to clamp down on Tricky Dick Nixon – -who apparently had the CIA spying on liberal activists and breaking into their stuff domestically.  There’s nothing in the Constitution about telling everything we know to that pack of habitual liars leakers on Capitol Hill.  But, I digress:

[…] The SSCI has focused a great deal of attention in recent years, during my tenure as Chairman as well as under the leadership of former Chairman Feinstein, on Russia’s behavior around the world.  Over the last two years, the Committee has held more than ten hearings and briefings on these issues, with four reviewing Russia’s so-called ‘active measures.’

During the 115th Congress, the SSCI will continue its review of the intelligence surrounding these issues.  This will include conducting a thorough examination of the underpinnings of the intelligence that prompted the Administration to issue the October 7 statement that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of U.S. political organizations. Among other avenues of inquiry, the Committee will:

  • Review the all-source intelligence that informed its assessments, including but not limited to the October 7 statement.
  • Review the cyber activity directed against our nation by the Russian Government, both as it regards the 2016 Election and more broadly.
  • Hold hearings examining other specific aspects of Russian behavior.
  • Interview senior officials of both the outgoing and incoming administrations including the issuance of subpoenas if necessary to compel testimony.

Compelling testimony from officials of the incoming and outgoing administrations?  That doesn’t exactly rule out dragging Trump up there.

And compromising US political organizations?   John Podesta was dumb enough to fall for an email phishing scam.  His personal email – -where he talked a lot of politics – -got compromised. True information  Case closed.  Where is the national security threat there?  (Of course, it embarrassed the driveby media by proving they were in-bed with the DNC, Podesta, Hillary, et. al.  THAT is the real point here.)  MORE:

[…] The Committee’s role is not only to ensure that the intelligence provided to policymakers is of the highest quality, but to understand how policymakers use that intelligence.  This includes possible intelligence collected on Russian “active measures” in the US political sphere in 2016.

The Committee will follow the intelligence wherever it leads.  We will conduct this review expeditiously, but we will take the time to get it right and will not be influenced by uninformed discourse.  When appropriate, the Committee will hold open hearings to help inform the public about the issues.  That said, we will be conducting the bulk of the Committee’s business behind closed doors, because we take seriously our obligation to protect sources and methods.  As the Committee’s review progresses, we will keep Senate leadership, and the broader body, apprised of our findings.

Majority Leader McConnell and incoming Minority Leader Schumer have made it clear they expect any review of Russia’s involvement in our nation’s elections to be conducted in a bipartisan manner.  It is a charge the SSCI takes seriously, as bipartisanship—in fact, non-partisanship—is at the very core of the Committee’s charter and is essential to preserving the intelligence equities involved.

Finally, a note about the men and women of the Intelligence Community.  Without exception, I know them to be hard-working, patriotic Americans.  They care deeply about their country, and work every day to keep us safe.  They come from all walks of life and hold views across the political spectrum.  Unlike many in Washington, though, they check politics at the office door and focus on their mission.

Why does your committee exist, if that is the case? (The CIA was running wild domestically in the 60s and 70s on behalf of President Nixon.) MORE: 

They are tasked with keeping our nation’s leaders well-informed about events around the world.  While their failures are often well known, their successes rarely see the light of day.  We would all do well to remember the sacrifices they make on our behalf and keep in mind that what we do with the intelligence they provide is up to us.”

Up to you?  Like leaking to The New York Times or Washington Post?  Talking to YOU and Graham-nesty & co. is like putting it all out there on Twitter.  You ho-hummed Hillary’s total lack of regard for operational security – -server in the bathroom, sharing info with Sidney Blumenthal, etc. etc.  And she has FOUR BODIES (from Benghazi) on HER !!!!

This Russian hacking story is merely one more bridge-burning, burn-the-house down tactic by the Alinsky-Soros disciples leaving town after eight years of havoc.  There is no evidence of an unauthorized breach of a computer network coordinated with a presidential campaign or the Russian government.  Some info got leaked out that proved what we already knew — the media and The Washington Establishment have been lying to us through their teeth.  It wasn’t the Pentagon or the CIA or The White House that got victimized.  No voting machines got compromised.  *Leaking was so much fun for liberals in the 1970s and 80s when it caused problems for Republican presidents and screwed up their policy initiatives.*   

Whoever got this info out into the public arena did a service to the American people. 



11 thoughts on “Burr ready to subpoena Trump on ‘Russian hacking’?

  1. Burr is still the Obama Republican he always was.

    The DNC refused to give the FBI access to its servers, so how can any report they put out have any credibility. The first place any investigation should start is examining the DNC servers.

    Burr is just carrying water for Obama and the Democrats as he so often does. I dread another 6 years of this fool..

  2. What a waste of time, energy and resources!
    Please if you read this, call Burr, Graham and McCaine’s offices and tell them to get a grip! And call Tillis’s office and tell him to get a grip and slap his brother Burr while he’s at it!
    Supposedly, these are our best and brightest; yet they fall for what is so clearly a ruse by the Democrats to explain their delusional denial of failure.
    Let there be primary challengers for all of them, and may they win!

  3. See, if we’d elected a Senator Holmquist or a Senator Wright, we wouldn’t be up to our eyeballs in this nonsense. Unfortunately, too many Republicans buy into this conservaphony’s BS every six years. My money says we’ll do the same in 2020 after Tillis becomes a fifth year conservative in 2019.

  4. Tell Burr to keep his hands off Trump.He won the election because he came closer to what we the people wanted done. The things that came out about Hillary Clinton and misbehavior of some in the Democrat Party needed to be told to those of us who planned to vote. I voted for Burr, but will not again if he immediately starts making waves right at the beginning for Trump. Let’s give Trump a chance and if he doesn’t do what he should, get rid of him the next election. Anything done about Russian needs to be agreed on by both parties.

  5. Burr was one of the republicans that voted to lift DADT! When I Asked why he did that he responded with now was the time! After it was reported that there had been over 14,000 male on male sexual assaults in he military, I sent another request asking if he still felt the same way? Did not get a response! He is nothing more than a RINO as are many republicans!

  6. Having to constantly fight in two directions is getting damned old; one direction against the IslamoMarxists, the other against the Beltway RINOs. Keep in mind that WE won this Presidency IN SPITE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Time to scrape the RINO residue off our boots and Stand on our own. Start recruiting / grooming / resourcing three or four primary candidates now. Sh*tcan Tillis in 2020 and replace Burr with an American in 2022. Scorch the earth.

  7. Trump was given the security briefing on the Russian hacking last week and he accepts the findings of the U.S. Security community that says Russia DID hack our elections (to favor Trump). This is an attack of our elections by Russia and we need to defend our elections from outside powers. If we do not do so, the Trump Administration will be rolling over to his boyfriend-Putin.

  8. obama is behind the hacking-if DNC won’t turn over servers, then tell them to get lost. Just like hillary’s emails- fbi ignores the servers in question-all corrupt- hang em all.

  9. I noticed the last Carolina Journal from Locke called Burr ”a success story”. Since when is a liberal Republican who openly said he would vote for Hillary over Ted Cruz and who consistently scores left of center on the two key conservative ratings, Heritage Action and Conservative Review, a ”success”.? Burr’s horrible voting record is more a massive failure for the conservative cause.

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