And the leader of the “pro-women, pro-workers” party screamed “BITCH!!!”

It’s absolutely sickening to listen to hypocritical mealy-mouthed politicians claiming to champion US and OUR concerns.  Let’s not forget John Edwards blasting capitalism and wealth from the comfort of his 62,000 square foot mansion.  Let’s not forget guys named Rockefeller and Kennedy ranting about the”rich getting richer” from the US Senate floor.

Republicans are regularly beat over the head and shoulders by liberals for “racism,” sexism,” something called “homophobia”  and a whole other encyclopedia of -isms and -ias. Conservatives have cornered the market on hate and nastiness, we’re told.

Well, here comes the lefties’ supreme leader Chuck Schumer:

Sen. Chuck Schumer apologized today after word got out that he called a flight attendant a “bitch” for ordering him to follow the rules and turn off his cellphone before takeoff.

And his political protégé, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, initially provided him with public cover.[…] 

What a great feminist.  Defending this troll after he’s verbally abused a woman just trying to do her job.  (Way to stand up for a “sister.”)  MORE:

[…] Schumer’s outburst was overheard aboard a US Airways flight from LaGuardia Airport to Washington on Sunday.

Schumer and his seatmate, Gillibrand, were chatting on their cellphones when the plane’s captain told passengers to turn them off.

But the two Democratic senators ignored the order and kept talking — prompting a flight attendant to ask them to follow Federal Aviation Administration rules, according to a House Republican aide who was seated nearby.

*Harumph.  We MAKE the rules. They’re not for US.  They’re for little people.  (You know, the suckers who keep throwing their money at us year after year as we scavenge what value is left in this country.)* MORE: 

[…] Schumer asked if he could finish his call. The attendant said “no” because the plane was waiting for him to finish so it could take off. The state’s senior senator ended his call, but then launched into an argument with her, claiming he was entitled to continue his chat until the cabin door was closed.

“She said she doesn’t make the rules, she just followed them,” the aide said, according to

“Bitch!” Schumer remarked to Gillibrand after the attendant walked away.

Gillibrand’s office initially gave Schumer cover, telling that the senior senator was “polite” and that “he turned off his phone when asked to.”

At first, deny everything.  EVEN IF there is a passel of witnesses standing around.  This is classic Alinsky.  Dinesh D’Souza IDed it in his great book and film “Hillary’s America.”   Bill and Hillary Clinton perfected the tactic over the last few decades.

Apparently, the heat got to be too much.  The story started changing:

Republicans seized on the slip to slam Schumer, circulating copies of news stories about the “bword” rouhaha.

Once word spread that Schumer had been less than friendly, Gillibrand’s office offered a second statement.

Her aide, Glen Caplin, said: “Chuck did the right thing by apologizing.”

He criticized Republicans for “trying to score cheap political points” from the incident.

*Says the guy peddling this “Russian hacking” crap fast-and-furious so as to discredit our newly-elected president before he’s even sworn in.* MORE:

After the flare-up was reported, Schumer said he was sorry.

“The senator made an off-thecuff comment under his breath after the flight attendant walked away. He shouldn’t have made it, he regrets it and he has apologized for it,” Schumer spokesman Brian Fallon said.

Translation:  Somebody took a poll.  And it didn’t come back with some nice answers. MORE: 

The attendant accepted his apology, Schumer’s office said. Schumer went back to Washington from La Guardia on US Airways yesterday. A flight attendant said he behaved himself.

“He was quiet. He wasn’t on his cellphone or anything,” she said. But other flight personnel said Schumer has a reputation.

“He’s not nice,” said a flight attendant who has served the senator before.

Now, imagine if Ted Cruz or Mike Lee or Jeff Sessions had said something like this in public to a flight attendant.    ONE STANDARD for THEM, ANOTHER STANDARD for US. 

43 thoughts on “And the leader of the “pro-women, pro-workers” party screamed “BITCH!!!”

  1. You can bet if this had been a Republican Senator then the Fake News Media and other demorat connected operatives would be calling for him to resign. Since it was a demorat then it must be ok to use the B word….and he apologized so everything is cool.

    1. I thought this was a 2013-2014 story in which he did the same identical thing and again in front of Gilderbrand.
      What’s the chances of getting popped twice for tthis? Either fake news from a story years old or schumer just didn’t learn his lesson after the last time he made national news for being nasty to a flight aattendant.

  2. As a former flight attendant I can attest to the rude DC liberal crowd, right up there with Schumer is Barbara Boxer.

  3. Should have had him removed from the flight for abuse of a flight attendant just like Baldwin was removed for his words with friends rant years back .

  4. He’s just Another Liberal Hypocrite . Do as I say not as I do . These are the Real enemies of America . As the other person said , He’s not nice , but he’ll get up there and say what all liberals want to hear to get votes . Thank Goodness we have a Great Future to look forward to with Trump/ Pence in the drivers seat !!

  5. He needs to GO!! He has a filthy mouth like Hellary. That’s like the Dems in congress. No brain power.

    1. Mary, did you say brain? Liberalism is a mental disease and he needs a labotomy. Where is Jeffery Dahlmer with his drill when you need him?

  6. Schumer is a living testimony to just how stupid the Democrat Voter is:

    No matter. Demo Nazi Women and so called men will pass this off. Knee walking, knuckle dragging, masochists . Nothing else.

  7. Can’t these people see that what they are doing helps no one, not even themselves. They are standing in the way of progress. If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Sit down and be quiet!

  8. I am sure as a child he was taught manners by his Parents So sad, as an adult that he has forgotten and become a bully, who thinks he is all powerful and does not need to be civil to the working class.

  9. Schumer is typical of most liberal politicians, rules don’t apply to them. This A–HOLE is also like most Clinton fans, who have their voters tricked into thinking they care for them

      1. Wake up, Linda. Trump has provided more women with jobs than slimy, (dollar store glasses) Schummer has met. He looks like a real clown with his cheap glasses hanging on the edge of his nose.

  10. What’s that creepy traitor (((Dual Citizen))) doing in Clowngress anyway ?
    Get that Khazar freak, his co-conspirators and his doggie Shabbos Goyim OUTTAHERE !

  11. What a typical bigoted mysagenist. That the freaking narcissistic democrats for you. He is a NY State senator he does not deserve to represent my state. SHAME ON YOU!


  13. He’s a name calling low life dirty dinghy old Democrat who doesn’t follow rules as most in that once great party. He showed his real personality and only apologized when he got caught.

  14. I’m offended at Sen Schumer’s use of the b-word & have sympathy for the flight attendant (they get a lot of abuse) & I’m extremely disappointed in Sen Gillibrand. And, I might add, although I’m a fan of Bill Maher I’ve complained that he persists in referring to Donald Trump as a “whiney little bitch.” But, you folks have elected Donald Trump as U.S. president! Your objections about this kind of sexist behavior have no credibility at all. IMHO. Btw, I accidently happened upon your Web site through a poll that popped up on YouTube. Now I know what a right-wing propaganda site offers up. Yipes!!! Y’all are disgusting.

    1. THE Point being…. THEY certainly do not care about “language” or respect for women… so why in the world make such a FUSS over it…
      Also applies to a multitude of OTHER Situations!!

    2. So we’re so disgusting you’re saying, so you’re trying to tell us that your what the call the better man, Ha ha ha…same old liberal thinking they’re better than everybody else. I can tell you you’re not! You sound like an educated man, but you make the dumbest decisions thinking your better than me. We are all Americans and should be working together to make this a better place for our children and their children, not to fighting against each other. We tried it your way, but it didn’t work for us, just give Trump a chance to see if he would do what he said he’s going to do for us! I guess only when Jesus comes from heaven to get his people we will know how to talk to one another property!

    3. OMG you are calling conservative Republicans disgusting . Take off the blinders lady, you are living in La La Land. Canada awaits you.

    4. And we can tune in to any main stream fake news network to see what a left-wing propaganda site offers up.

  15. First IGnORE, then DENY, then have your office clerk make the phone call to APOLOGIZE – only after his RUDE BEHAVIOR is EXPOSED!

  16. Send “Up- Chuckie” & Sheila Jackson Lee (His Lady, The Congress Womannnn from Houston, both on a Slow Boat w OBlammer on Jan 20th. Chuckie n Sheila will ‘man’ The 0ars for The ID10T & clan!

  17. We the People(not the little people as he refers to us as) stood up on Election Day and let the world know that we are fed up and disgusted with politics and politicians. We want the swamp drained and want it to be US first not them. But they are so clueless and in denial that they refuse to face the truth and instead want to blame everyone including the Russians for their failures to win over the American people. Let’s toss them all out on their fat overprivileged self serving behinds! The American people are not the little people! We ARE America!!!

  18. Chuck Schumer has an issue follows the rules. This isn’t the first time he has been rude or disrespectful to women. He needs to be required to take anger management and do some community service working with the little people of the country. Another example of a politician that has fell out of reality. No wonder the democratic party is in disarray. Chuck and Nancy Pelosi need to go!!

  19. The left Need to get off their high horse, and get real. The shoe is on the other foot now. Let’s get on with the business of the real people!

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