#Butt-hurt: Driveby media, radical left sink to new low on the eve of TRUMP-day

James O’Keefe told us that attacks on inaugural events — like this Deplora-Ball that went on last night — were coming.  Of course, the driveby media ignored it and reported on the chaos like it was a shocking surprise.

Trump supporters, opponents clash outside ‘DeploraBall’ in downtown D.C. screamed The Washington Post headline.  What actually happened?  Here’s an excerpt from deep within the story: 

[…] Officers directed chemical spray at the crowd multiple times, starting around 9 p.m., after protesters began throwing trash at Trump supporters who were leaving the building. […] 

Aaaah.  The peace, love and tolerance crowd strikes again.  You get assaulted just trying to enter and exit a party, and you’re — in the eyes of the stupid, lying, driveby FALSE media — “clashing.”

Here’s some pretty good video of what was going on outside the party at the National Press Club last night.  One thing that struck me — it appears that media people bearing cameras outnumber actual protesters 4-1 or so.  The scene also looks like something you’d see in The Middle East or at some European leftist street riot.  (Thanks, Mr. Soros.) 

Anti-Trump Protesters Pepper Sprayed on Eve of Inauguration Outside ‘DeploraBall’ in D.C.   screamed the headline from NBC News.    These driveby clowns did manage to ID the group behind the riot outside the party:  Refuse Fascism.   Browse on over to their website and you get a taste of what these goons are all about: 

[…] Protest is important, but more than protest is needed.  We must actually go all out, now, to prevent this regime from ruling.  We are, this weekend, hundreds of thousands protesting.  Through staying in the streets and disrupting business as usual, over the next few days and into next week, we could together grow to millions and bring into being a major political crisis, to which all the factions in the power structure would have to react.[…] 


Wow.  Toppling the government by brute force.  *Nothing radical or extreme or dangerous  to see here.*

It’s always a joke to hear lefties call us over here on the right ‘Fascists.’  Fascism and Communism are like the Crips and the Bloods. Kissing cousins. Two rival gangs competing for turf.  They’ve got the same methods and beliefs.  They just don’t want to play nice and share.  Hitler and Staling saw their commonalities early on, and partnered up.  The unwillingness to share and play nice led to their breakup and a turn in World War II.

Those people throwing trash and cursing and setting fires on the streets have more in common with fascism than you or I or Donald Trump or Mike Pence do. 

Stay strong, folks.  THIS is on the beginning.  Don’t let them scare you.  Don’t let their gutless, shameless, shiftless enablers in the lying FALSE driveby media fool you.