#ncpol: Lefties LOVING Thilli$$$$$$$$$

Here’s the most inappropriately-named Progress NC:

*Isn’t THAT special?*

Seriously.  What is this guy up to?  He’s clearly got detailed plans for enriching and empowering himself at our expense (and with our votes).  There is all kind of talk that he’s bored with DC and wants back into the swamp in Raleigh.  (He tried hard during the RNC Convention to snuggle up to the Trumps, but that clearly went nowhere.)

He ran Raleigh like a mob boss.  He scratched a lot of backs and got his scratched right back.

Many had seen 2020 as Dan Forest’s shot at the governor.  I am hearing all kinds of talk about Tillis and his Charlotte money machine forsaking reelection to DC in 2020 for a shot at Roy Cooper that year.  THAT would mean a primary against Lt. Dan — or another run for Lt. Dan for a meaningless job.

 It would be good to get Tillis and his F-rated conservatism ratings and voting record out of DC, period.  

The guy is not good for the GOP, for North Carolina, or America.  He’s clearly all about himself — as evidenced by his self-serving antics in Raleigh and this stupid, stupid op-ed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he switched parties.  He expressed disdain for his current party’s voters in his op-ed, and his voting record is not far off from that of the most conservative elected Democrat in DC or Raleigh. (Actually, NC state Rep. William Brisson of Bladen County is more conservative than Tillis is.)  It would be an easy switch.  

Instead of simply griping about him, we need to start making plans for dealing with this individual.


6 thoughts on “#ncpol: Lefties LOVING Thilli$$$$$$$$$

  1. Probably the only way I would vote for Ol’ Roy is if Thom were to run against him. At least Coop will be over sitting in the corner twiddling his thumbs. Thommy Boy would actually try to do something, and probably has enough dirt on enough people in Raleigh to actually do some harm.

    Nevertheless…Lt. Dan is the way to go in 2020.

  2. Conservatives tried to warn the NCGOP about Tillis. Tillis is a creature of Richard Morgan and Jim Black, who has always been a liberal. He deserves no further elected office whatsoever.

    He also may be trying to position himself for a cushy job on K Street. They like these fools who want to reach across the aisle.

  3. Until there are political consultants in NC not named Schmaker or Stewart, you will see most Republicans move left after they win election. Tillis always had that inclination but his consultants push him hard that way.

    The impressive grassroots Anti-Toll people should set their sights on a candidate to primary Tillis.

  4. How is it that a majority ‘conservative’ party, with nearly absolute control in North Carolina, keeps electing RINO’s to “keep the peace” within the party? A more conservative representative like Harry Warren tried to run against Moore recently. He was creamed by his own conservative faction of the party—in favor of Moderate Moore. I know there’s no perfect leader, but JEESH! The party keeps on making questionable decisions in leadership!

    1. Harry ”Amnesty Amigo” Warren is not a conservative. He was only the lesser of the evils in that race. It is hard for many conservatives to hold their noses for someone who constantly pushes for drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

  5. Unless he shoots himself, NC governors are easily re-elected. Regardless of Tillis’s plans for 2020′ his Senate seat should go to Buck Newton, Dan Forest or other like-minded individuals. Let’s pick one early and get started.
    Our state legislature could get off the dime and give the people RECALL capability.

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