Thilli$$$$$: Trump doesn’t REALLY mean it

He’s suffered one beat-down after another following his very public dissing of his very own party’s primary voters and incoming presidents.  But Thom Tillis is sticking with his game plan: 

[…} Many of Trump’s more bombastic campaign promises will wind up being more rhetoric than reality, Tillis predicted. […]

Oh, yeah?  Kinda like the crap that you and Shumaker hit us with in 2014 to eke out a narrow win over the hapless Kay Hagan? I wonder how well you would have done if you told us then about all of this “cross the aisle and work with the Democrats” nonsense.  Or about your desire to join The Ripon Society or whip up the worst, most liberal voting record of all the North Carolina Republicans in Washington? (You and Suzi would be hanging out with Pat and the missus on “date nights” in North Meck right about how. That’s how well things would have worked out for you. )