#ncpol: Becki, meet Thom.


Democrats spent DECADES running right over Republican minorities in Raleigh and DC.  Why is it — when Republicans finally get a commanding majority with a mandate from the voters — we’re getting calls from people allegedly on our side to make nice with, hug, cook s’mores with, and sing kumbaya with those same Democrats? 

First, we get Thom Tilli$$$$$ — currently being celebrated by the radical left and roundly denounced by conservatives — ready to surrender to the big government crowd when it was crystal clear we sent him up there to do some serious demo work.   (Chuck Schumer made it pretty clear at the inauguration today that he’s not ready to play nice.  Neither is his party — which is out there rioting in the streets of DC as we speak.) 

Now, here comes John Locke’s Becki Gray echoing Thom’s Rodney King impression — this time aimed at the good folks on Jones Street: 

Opening day of the 2017-18 General Assembly was filled with warm greetings, friendly exchanges, and promises of compromise. After a short break, lawmakers have returned to get down to the real work of the session.

It’s time to govern. But can lawmakers find common ground? […] 

Once again, if we wanted people working with the Democrats, Joe Hackney would still be in charge.  I’m actually looking for a few people who’ll stop whoring out to lobbyists and actually DO the people’s business.  I’d like to see some more attention paid to the GOP platform, for instance.  MORE: 

Can we expect everyone to reasonably work through issues, look for common ground, focus on solving problems? Govern without politics?

The power struggle between the executive and legislative branches began before Cooper was sworn in. During several contentious special sessions in December, the General Assembly stripped power from the governor, required Senate approval for his cabinet appointments, and changed the makeup of the State Board of Elections. Cooper struck back with lawsuits.[…]

Roy Cooper owes his election to 90,000 votes that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night, Russell Peck, and Ricky Diaz.  The voters still gave the GOP veto-proof majorities in both chambers on Jones Street, and working control of the Council of State.  Voters didn’t reject the Republican offerings.  Pat McCrory and his crew-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight paved the way for four years of THIS doofus.  

If there’s any “common ground” to be had — some folks need to walk over to the right side of their respective chambers, hat in hand, and come to Jesus.  Are these people serious — that the victorious majority needs to meet in-the-middle with the same people who spent the last six months slandering them as haters for (1) going to church and (2) not being fond of having their daughters go potty with Tina Tranny?

Monty Hall is no longer around.  There’s no need for ‘Let’s Make A Deal.’  We told you people to cut government, clean up your respective towns, and give power back to the people.  THAT is your mission.  Not making nice with the crowd rioting in the streets today.