#ncpol: Becki, meet Thom.


Democrats spent DECADES running right over Republican minorities in Raleigh and DC.  Why is it — when Republicans finally get a commanding majority with a mandate from the voters — we’re getting calls from people allegedly on our side to make nice with, hug, cook s’mores with, and sing kumbaya with those same Democrats? 

First, we get Thom Tilli$$$$$ — currently being celebrated by the radical left and roundly denounced by conservatives — ready to surrender to the big government crowd when it was crystal clear we sent him up there to do some serious demo work.   (Chuck Schumer made it pretty clear at the inauguration today that he’s not ready to play nice.  Neither is his party — which is out there rioting in the streets of DC as we speak.) 

Now, here comes John Locke’s Becki Gray echoing Thom’s Rodney King impression — this time aimed at the good folks on Jones Street: 

Opening day of the 2017-18 General Assembly was filled with warm greetings, friendly exchanges, and promises of compromise. After a short break, lawmakers have returned to get down to the real work of the session.

It’s time to govern. But can lawmakers find common ground? […] 

Once again, if we wanted people working with the Democrats, Joe Hackney would still be in charge.  I’m actually looking for a few people who’ll stop whoring out to lobbyists and actually DO the people’s business.  I’d like to see some more attention paid to the GOP platform, for instance.  MORE: 

Can we expect everyone to reasonably work through issues, look for common ground, focus on solving problems? Govern without politics?

The power struggle between the executive and legislative branches began before Cooper was sworn in. During several contentious special sessions in December, the General Assembly stripped power from the governor, required Senate approval for his cabinet appointments, and changed the makeup of the State Board of Elections. Cooper struck back with lawsuits.[…]

Roy Cooper owes his election to 90,000 votes that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night, Russell Peck, and Ricky Diaz.  The voters still gave the GOP veto-proof majorities in both chambers on Jones Street, and working control of the Council of State.  Voters didn’t reject the Republican offerings.  Pat McCrory and his crew-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight paved the way for four years of THIS doofus.  

If there’s any “common ground” to be had — some folks need to walk over to the right side of their respective chambers, hat in hand, and come to Jesus.  Are these people serious — that the victorious majority needs to meet in-the-middle with the same people who spent the last six months slandering them as haters for (1) going to church and (2) not being fond of having their daughters go potty with Tina Tranny?

Monty Hall is no longer around.  There’s no need for ‘Let’s Make A Deal.’  We told you people to cut government, clean up your respective towns, and give power back to the people.  THAT is your mission.  Not making nice with the crowd rioting in the streets today.

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  1. Let’s not fail to give credit to the anti-toll road alliance who were forced to take McCrory out behind the woodshed, and incidentally, served notice to the NCGOP that ignoring grassroots activists will have consequences. And their actions also demonstrate that Cooper is not on very solid ground in terms of the electorate given that it was a bunch of angry Republicans that gave him the Mansion.

  2. ” when it was crystal clear we sent him up there to do some serious demo work. ”

    Huh? Who did that? Once he got past the primary, I dont think “demo work” was still on the table. We were sending a Democrat, or a big-government Dem-lite Republican (for the sake of argument, I’ll pretend there’s enough of a difference for it to matter). It’s not like he was hiding it. He was pretty up front about his disdain for crazy ideas like smaller, limited government.

    As for Gray’s piece… some of those “do” potentially have workable solutions, so long as “compromise” doesnt mean “give in”, like we’ve seen so often with the DC GOPe crowd Tillis is hanging with now.

    I honestly dont know that the GOP legislators are savvy enough to effectively play politics with Cooper, and I trust their collective commitment to sound principles even less… they’ve got a track record of being kinda politically tone-deaf.

    This whole mixed-party situation would make me nervous, but I “also” havent been all that impressed by Cooper, so I dont know that he’s even capable of running any kind of game-of-thrones strategery, so… *shrug* maybe they’ll all just slap-fight each other for a few years and we get a couple of nice surprises *shrug* 🙂

  3. Becki Grey proves to be politically naive. And she is the liaison to the legislature for the Locke Foundation. That is about all you need to know.

  4. There is an old saying in politics that ”ya dance with who brung ya”.

    Don’t these idiots understand that?

    If Tillis makes an endorsement in the NCGOP chairmans race this year, it will be poison to the recipient.

    1. Representative Pittman,

      Perhaps these “30 or so of [you] in the House” could help bring folks of like-mindedness into various positions within the machine.

      I submit that surrounding the NCGA with individuals who are trustworthy, principled, honest, and bold would do much to restore sound governing.

      Richard Carter Jr

  5. If “a robin” is the first sign of Spring… then “compromise” is the first sign that Democrats / Liberals are an irrelevant minority in both houses of the NCGA…. as well as a minority in both houses of Congress.

    You never hear that word when Lib/Dems hold the sledge hammer.

    The ruling majority should always “rule” with common sense and a true concern for all citizens not just its party members…. not be a vindictive Warlord inflicting retribution on the hapless villagers. THAT is not the same as “lets work together”.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me that so many on our side have absolutely no loyalty to ideals. These people go to Raleigh and begin to watch the fake news, see a couple of hundred moronic goobers at a moron Monday and think that there is some kind of groundswell against them. Now the Civitas/Pope group has gone all wishy washy and thinks they need to work with demorats? That is just silly. When you have veto proof control it is time to ignore the fake news and get the things done that the voters sent them to Raleigh for.

    1. Exactly right, Doug. The problem is there is nothing but the fake news for anyone on Jones St to read or hear. And wishy washy Locke is no longer serving as a counter balance.

  7. As soon as Republicans got control of one house of Congress, the liberal media started a drumbeat pushing ”compromise” and ”reaching across the aisle”. Funny how the media was silent as a grave about working together when Democrats were ramming Obamacare through without any consultation with Republicans.This whole push for ”compromise” is nothing but a liberal media gambit to neuter Republicans. It is disconcerting, to say the least, when a Republican politician and an often conservative think tank start parroting the liberal media with the same deceptive line, and even start applying it to the General Assembly.

    Cooper is a very leftist Soros water boy. There is no reason to try to compromise with such a creature. All of the rational or moderate Democrats in both Congress and the General Assembly are history. What is left is the liberal fringe, which again is nobody to try to compromise with. Shumer clearly showed that their idea of compromise is surrender when he said that Democrats would block ANY Trump nominee to the Supreme Court.

    As to voters, the North Dakota federal races of 2012 gave a very unique insight into how that line plays in elections compared to red meat conservative positions. It is unique because it is one of the rare occasions with two races where that is about the only variable – the Senate race and the statewide race for ND’s lone House seat. Both were open seats that year, with no incumbency factor, and in front of the exact same set of voters. Karl Rove muscled in his choice for the Senate nomination, who ran openly as someone who wanted to be bi-partisan and reach across the aisle. For the House seat, the conservative Club for Growth got the nomination for its preferred candidate, who ran on red meat conservative issues. When the votes were counted, the House candidate who ran as a solid conservative had won easily but the Senate candidate who had campaigned as bi-partisan and reaching across the aisle, went down to defeat. That is clear proof that running as a principled conservative is a better electoral strategy than running as a milquetoast moderate who shifts with the breeze.

  8. Since when was Thom Tillis not a big government politician. Ask the people in his home region where Pat McCrory, another big government Republican, lost 33,000 votes that cost him the gubernatorial election. Fortunately the level thinking genuine conservative Republicans in the rural areas maintained a super majority in both houses of the General Assembly. Bottom line, Thom needs our tax money if to hang onto his crony capitalism base in Mecklenburg County.

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