Saving the NCGOP from itself

I swear.  It is like we have gone back in time — to the days where The Congressional Club was necessary in order to give conservatism a fighting chance in the NCGOP.

So many of you are talking about how big the upcoming state party chairman’s race is this year.  I would hope that the whole Hasan Harnett episode taught you that the problem is a lot bigger than the chairman.  A new chairman is going to need a hell of a lot of HELP within the party structure.  

If you care about saving the state party, you need to get to work NOW.  Start working to get committed conservatives elected to local party offices.  Then focus on your county organizations, and then districts.  Once you’ve got your people in place at those levels, then focus your fire on the state level.

It’s going to take a lot of work — that already needs to be in motion — if you care about saving the party.  Though, it might be too far gone.  Starting up something independent like the old Congressional Club might be what’s needed.  Go around Ma Cotten, Dallas and Zan.