Saving the NCGOP from itself

I swear.  It is like we have gone back in time — to the days where The Congressional Club was necessary in order to give conservatism a fighting chance in the NCGOP.

So many of you are talking about how big the upcoming state party chairman’s race is this year.  I would hope that the whole Hasan Harnett episode taught you that the problem is a lot bigger than the chairman.  A new chairman is going to need a hell of a lot of HELP within the party structure.  

If you care about saving the state party, you need to get to work NOW.  Start working to get committed conservatives elected to local party offices.  Then focus on your county organizations, and then districts.  Once you’ve got your people in place at those levels, then focus your fire on the state level.

It’s going to take a lot of work — that already needs to be in motion — if you care about saving the party.  Though, it might be too far gone.  Starting up something independent like the old Congressional Club might be what’s needed.  Go around Ma Cotten, Dallas and Zan. 

13 thoughts on “Saving the NCGOP from itself

  1. you left Grandpa off the list ………………
    heck does anyone know if he running again but heck he might just show up for the heck of it to see what is going on not planning on running for anything but heck have a speech in his pocket that he wrote the night before but all you good people just stop asking questions you do not attend meetings to ask questions just sit in your chair and say yes to the chairman cause that is the type of people the party wants and needs

  2. Ma Cotton, Dallas , Zan and Boss Tweed aka. Robin Hayes are going no where. They are like boring beetles digging themselves deeper into live trees slowly killing them.
    The Establishment is alive and well funded in the NCGOP. It takes leadership willing to take the establishment on direct.
    My hope is a lesson learned from the election of Donald Trump. Republicans in NC should take literally his speech about throwing out the establishment and replace with the hard working, conservative members who make up 99? of the NCGOP.
    For any realm of success for the Republican Party in NC the establishment better just fade away or be forced out because elitism is a thing of the past. No exceptions!

  3. Why should we change anything? Robin Hayes knows how to be a figurehead and let our boy Dallas run everything. That was Hasan’s problem. He actually tried to be the chairman instead of letting Dallas control everything and that is why we had to get rid of Hasan. And after all Robin has his hands full working with those environmentalists to try to destroy the commercial fishing industry in North Carolina.

    Dallas learned from his tutelege under Karl Rove how to be a good little establishment functionary.

  4. Why not push for a state party rule that REQUIRES state and local legislators to vote in favor of at least (60%) of the party platform while in office (granted this is a pretty low but doable threshold-I like it higher but this is a good place to start), IF UNDER 60%: the party would cut 80% of thevlegislator’s funding and be required to censure them. 60% should be doable for all but the most RINO of RINOs and produce a little party discipline.

    1. the problems are much deeper than your Utopian vision and that is not to discount your proposed ideas they are well worth a discussion

  5. The NCGOP stopped being worth saving when it removed a fully-elected chairman Harnett. I left the party, changed to Unaffiliated and told them to take my name of their mailing list. Of course they desperately need funds do I still get their crap. Goes straight in the trash. The ED is a drunk and Tillis sycophant. Please tell me WHY it should be saved.

    1. Don’t go away mad; just go away. We at the NCGOPe do not need or want you conservatives. The more of you who we get to bail out, the better we can keep control, sucker! You are one less delegate we have to worry about upsetting our applecart and our cushy setup.

      Don’t stand up and fight. Just go away

    2. Cause you abandoned the ones still left trying to fight….. But I understand you can only bail a sinking ship so many times before it is time to try to swim to safer shores

  6. There is another set of offices that the conservative grassroots does not need to forget, and those are the six Central Committee positions elected by the state Executive Committee – the Secretary, Treasurer, General Counsel, and their assistants. Three of those are voting seats and the assistants non-voting but can speak at Central Committee meetings.

    For most of the party’s history,. these were elected by the grassroots from the grassroots with nominations made from the floor. Since the time of Bill Cobey, however, the state chairman has tried to dictate who would hold these positions. The grassroots should not permit any state chairman to do that. We need to go back to electing these positions by the grassroots from the grassroots, not the chairman’s flunkies.

    1. but you need good people on the executive committee and the committee needs to function properly for this to occur. The party plan of org needs to be changed so the executive committee need to elect everyone on the central committee and also have a mechanism in place so the executive committee can call for new elections of the central committee at any point of the term.

      This will fix the party structure so there are no questions that that central committee works for the executive committee.

      The majority of the seats would be filled by the executive committee and then have one seat that all the district chairman would fill and then one seat for the county chairs to fill

      The party Structure is broken and it will take more then a plan of org committee to fix these issues

    2. Raph, I’ve never observed the State Chair overtly doing that, they must be real subtle about it. Not disagreeing, just sayin’. OK, one exception, I did see one State Chair try to change a certain district’s leadership, but in that particular case, I can attest that he really did have the good of the Party in mind in his (unsuccessful) attempt to keep a certain really bad person from leading that district.
      Anyway, I can think of two districts where attempts are being made to install reform-minded officers….I just hope there are more.

      1. Watch the state chairman nominate his ”slate” for these offices,either all at once or by office. Even Hasan Harnett did so. And when there are vacancies, they are never announced ahead of time so someone else can effectively run, as happened in the last two years twice with the General Counsel position. Cobey even asked for ”approval of the chairman’s appointments” to these positions. Some chairmen have not really opened much if any opportunity for other nominations. No chairman from Jack Hawke and before tried to indicate a preference for these positions, and left it as open elections by the executive committee. We need to get back to those open elections.

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