Spellings: HB2 stemming the tide of liberal loons wanting to teach at UNC

Well, THERE is another upside to all of this hoopty-doo over boys in the ladies powder room.

Of course, the driveby FAKE media is portraying Spellings’s comments as moaning about how the law is hurting higher education in North Carolina.   Spellings AND the useless UNC board are shining examples of the shortcomings of the last four years in Raleigh.  The GOP majority could have taken steps to start cleaning out the liberal rot that has been feasting on our university system for decades.  Instead, the Raleigh politicians decided to park a bunch of indifferent apolitical donors on the board and hire a less-than-reform minded educrat to run the whole thing.

Why are we spending so much time looking outside the state for teaching talent? 

Landing  a faculty position at a UNC campus is a lot like trying to get a spot in the inner circle of The Bilderbergers or ISIS, for that matter.  Very clique-ish.  Very hush-hush.  Very much who-you-know.  Quite often the decision making is controlled by liberal department heads who have been camped out in the faculty lounge for a decade or more.  They’ve surrounded themselves with their like-minded friends who don’t take too kindly to regular church-goers or Donald Trump voters or people who stand for The National Anthem.  It’s a tough crowd. 

I did my graduate work within the UNC system.  One thing I was struck by was how few faculty members I encountered who had significant experience within the private sector — i.e., had held a real job.   I worked for 15 years after obtaining my undergrad degree before starting my graduate work.  That work experience helped immensely as I progressed through my graduate studies.  I could tell that many of the faculty members either (a) were totally relying on the textbook to cover for their lack of real-world experience, and /or (b) genuinely hated all things capitalist.

I’ve taught for years in community colleges and smaller colleges.  One of the things my students keep bringing up to me, and mentioning in professor evaluations, is how much my being able to tie the course material to real-world scenarios helped them understand the material.

If Spellings & co. were genuinely interested in education, they wouldn’t mind letting on that HB2 didn’t change a damn thing.  If you bother to look it up and read it, it says: (1) boys and girls will still change clothes and use the bathroom in separate places in government controlled facilities, and (2) private organizations can do what they want.  They can also remind people that Charlotte’s ordinance contained draconian fines that would force private businesses to desegregate bathrooms and locker rooms — or go bankrupt. They could also remind people that our state constitution requires localities, who want to do stuff like Charlotte did, to run it through the legislature first.  *But why bother with education, when indoctrination and iron-fisted authoritarianism is soooooo much more fun?*

I’d be glad to offer up my services to the UNC system — if only I could make it through the fascist faculty gauntlet.  I know of many other competent, qualified folks toiling away within community colleges and smaller private colleges who would be glad to offer up their services to UNC, if only someone could crack open the leftist protectionist blockade.

Boy, did we ever blow a historic opportunity.

10 thoughts on “Spellings: HB2 stemming the tide of liberal loons wanting to teach at UNC

  1. So….HB2 is doing even more good than we thought! I have already contacted both of my representatives to let them know the overall support for doing nothing more on the issue. Hopefully the Republicans will not fall for the ruse and repeal this bill.

  2. Great column. The truth is a conservative scholar cannot even get an interview for a professor’s position in the UNC system. The lone conservative in the entire system, Mike Adams, had to go to court to keep the liberal UNC-W chancellor from firing him. Spellings is, of course, a totally clueless and mindless caretaker of the liberal UNC status quo. The GOP Board of Governors is a mindless bunch of RINOs who are perfectly satisfied to maintain the liberal status quo. There is no interest in educational reform or fairness. Forget the idea that a conservative might get hired to teach anywhere in the UNC system. This simply demonstrates the corruption within the NC GOP. The Republican legislature promised us educational reform and conservative appointments. Instead, they are protecting radical leftwing professors and administrators through the liberal RINOs they appointed to the BOG. The legislature should either get rid of everyone on the BOG or simply admit to every hardworking conservative in NC they lied to us. You can’t have it both ways, Senator Berger and Speaker Moore!

    1. What is needed is some legislation requiring philosophical affirmative action in university hiring. As long as there is an imbalance in a department, the philosophy underrepresented would get all the hires until there is a reasonable balance.

  3. “Boy, did we ever blow a historic opportunity.” Truer words were never spoken. How the Republicans could have messed up so badly on UNC governance is beyond comprehension. The GOP will pay a heavy price for this debacle. Even Democrats privately gloat that even they can’t believe how the GOP legislature lost the game when they held all the cards.

  4. How ’bout we apply the “Trump plan” to the UNC system? You know- a 10% across-the-board CUT in SPENDING, and a 20% CUT in HEADCOUNT. I suggest we start the headcount cuts in ADMINISTRATORS, and in the Office of Diversity, and the Black Studies department. Maybe this would effectively REVERSE that idiotic “Roads Bond” funding.


  5. I had sorta great hopes for “that Bush Woman” a/k/a Margaret Spellings …. sigh. I guess a year living on Franklin Street finally turned her brain to oatmeal.
    Wanna bet she thinks her opposition to HB2 will cause her Chapel Hill neighbors to “like her”? Ain’t gonna happen “Bush Woman”… but those of us who were supporting you, won’t any more.

  6. Brant, perhaps you need the services of a Franklin Street fashion consultant, the next time you seek an interview for a faculty job at UNC. You may improve your chances if you, for instance, went to the interview as a man in a dress. Maybe an eggplant chiffon summer dress with a chartreuse scarf? Just kidding, of course. But ironically, it probably would actually catapult you over a few more qualified faculty choices.

  7. It’s ok to joke about the weirdos who get teaching jobs in the UNC system, but let’s not forget the ongoing tragedy that UNC poses for our state. And let’s don’t forget how we were betrayed by the NC GOP establishment in the appointment of BOG members and trustees at the individual UNC campuses. If we are really serious about saving our state, everyone of us will demand that our legislators replace every mindless member of the BOG. Unless we get a new BOG, nothing will change. Spellings and the liberals will just keep laughing at us.

  8. From what I’ve been hearing in political circles there is pretty widespread agreement that Spellings is simply not up to the job. She is not a visionary leader and has no reform agenda. So, basically, she has just adopted a caretaker role and seems to be content to let the status quo run its course. The old Tom Ross staff is pretty much running the show and calling the shots. Reformers are increasingly disgusted and have been bitterly complaining to legislators who, after all, bear the responsibility for this disaster.

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