#ncga: We’re looking at YOU, Mr. Bryan. (Yes. We. Are.)

We asked earlier WHO among House Republicans had the cojones to write into law — to codify, if you will — protection of state funding for a radical leftist non-profit. 

Yep. Someone actually did that — in a bill sponsored by Republican Reps. Rob Bryan (Mecklenburg), Craig Horn (Union County), and Stephen Ross (Alamance).

Teach for America sounds great, but if you look closer — it is hard to distinguish from Obama’s Organizing for America and Black Lives Matter.  TFA employees have partaken in violent anti-police demonstrations in North Carolina, and throughout the country.  TFA’s kissing-cousin, Leadership for Equity in Education (LEE) claims among its members former McCrory education adviser Eric Guckian, the new DPI superintendent Mark Johnson, and — surprise, surprise — outgoing Rep. Rob Bryan.  (Yeah, the sponsor of the bill codifying the protection of TFA’s state funding.)

Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is a big fan of LEE.  LEE’s national office actually touted a study claiming that high rates of truancy among minority students was directly correlated to the prevalence of white teachers in the classroom.  Seriously.

Rob Bryan was one of FOUR House Republican incumbents to lose in November.  It’s interesting that this bill he sponsored protects funding for TFA and LEE — two groups he has long and strong ties to — on his way out the door.

This bill, which does have a lot of other good points to it, has passed the assembly and is NOW (as of Friday) on the governor’s desk awaiting a signature.   So, we’re on the hook for at least another two years paying these people to riot against the police, fight for transgender restrooms, and otherwise pollute our kids’ brains. 

What do you want to bet that within weeks after the end of the legislative session, a release comes out announcing Rob Bryan is going to work for Teach for America or LEE or one of its offshoots? 

An otherwise good bill gets polluted by some crony-ist, self-serving garbage.  What a shame. 

10 thoughts on “#ncga: We’re looking at YOU, Mr. Bryan. (Yes. We. Are.)

  1. Horn and Ross are still there, and that pair of leftists need PRIMARIES next round. We do not need stinking Obama Republicans like them. If Bryan runs again, he also badly needs a primary.

    1. It sounds like he may be a LIBERAL attorney. Maybe he anticipates a retainer from them as opposed to a job?

      1. In addition to being a great lawyer and well-respected legislator, Rob is also a member of the Federalist Society. You’re barking up the wrong tree by calling him a liberal. He’s far from it. Go look at his record before you make some boneheaded comment based on an unfounded story.

        1. Oh? Is that like Renee Ellmers joining the House Study Committee to pretend to be conservative? Bryan’s voting record is what outs him as a liberal. He ranks on the respected Civitas scorecard as 55th most conservative in the NC House out of 120, in the most liberal tier of Republicans, worse than Jason Saine and only slightly better than Nelson Dollar. Like Saine and Dollar, Bryan’s letter grade is an F.

          1. You’re looking at the results from one year (2015) where his score was 63%. In 2016, he was tied for 32nd with a score of 71.4%. His lifetime score is 70.13%.

            The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research has him ranked as the 28th most effective legislator.

            NC Free Enterprise Foundation gave him a 92.5% score for Legislative Business Rating for the 2015 long session.

            He received a 90% lifetime rate from the American Conservative Union. (See below)

            “ACU researched and selected a range of bills before the
            North Carolina General Assembly that determine a member’s
            adherence to conservative principles.”


            No matter how you slice it, Rep. Bryan has fought against overburdensome regulations on our citizens and the business owners of this state. He’s upheld social conservative values. He’s continuously fought for the children of NC by working to eliminate the bureaucratic nonsense shoveled by DPI. If that ain’t conservative, then idk what is.

          2. Yes, I primarily look at the regular session ratings (2015), not the short session ratings (2016), because the short session is rated on so few bills as to make it not very meaningful. And I find recent ratings more meaningful than old ones, as legislators can drift in their views as they serve in Raleigh or Washington (see Richard Burr, for example).

            One thing that emerges from specific votes is that Bryan is a good friend of corporate welfare, and that does NOT indicate a conservative. Among other things it also shows that he is a Solyndra Republican, prefering the environmentalist position over that of the GOP platform.

            You cite the rating of the NC Center for Public Policy research, a liberal group that was once denounced in a resolution of the NCGOP Central Committee as a fraud. Their rating is based not on voting record but on overall opinions from journalists, lobbyists, and fellow politicians, none of which groups represent the taxpayers, and the first two do not represent conservatives.

            As to the ACU rating, under David Keene, that organization took a strong establishment tack and largely abandoned conservatism. It’s rating claimed that establishment kingpin Mitch McConnell had a 100% conservative rating, better than Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, in the year that McConnell had a strong conservative primary challenge. That rating was contrived and shows that ACU is in bed with the establishment. More legitimate conservative groups at the time were giving McConnell ratings in the 50s. So, no, I do not take the ACU rating as having much value. I wish more reliable national groups like Heritage Action or Conservative Review did legislative ratings. It would be nice to have another reliable rating besides Civitas.

            NCFREE has too much of a crony capitalist approach for anyone to consider it conservative.

          3. John,

            I’m glad to see that you at least looked at more than one year of reviews to reach your conclusion. You’re entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine. That’s what makes this country great. Merry Christmas.


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