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#hayesscandal: Kicking the can down the road

  Defense lawyers seem to be having their way with this one.  The US attorney is a former Mecklenburg County DA who happens to be BFFs with Thom Tillis.  The defense got the judge changed from a hard-line Democrat to a newly-seated, newly-approved Republican ….

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Feds: Hayes conspired to BRIBE, LIED to the FBI

  It’s getting worse, people.  Details from the US attorney’s office are shedding even more light on the accusations against the sitting NCGOP chairman.   Here’s a copy of the indictment against Robin Hayes and three others.     (Proceed carefully,  The details in the…

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WSJ: Subject of FBI probe appeared to PROSPER during Wayne Goodwin tenure at NC DOI

  NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes on an FBI surveillance tape.    Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey and a PAC tied to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest receiving BIG $$$$ from the subject of an FBI probe.  Now, sources close to said subject of said FBI probe are…

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Drain the Swamp: The flaming HOT MESS at Appalachian State

With all of this talk of ‘draining the swamp,’  Appalachian State University is looking like a great place to get started. Here is the Boone campus’s latest foray into the national spotlight:  “Bernie is asking for a political revolution and college students are some of…

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#ncga: We’re looking at YOU, Mr. Bryan. (Yes. We. Are.)

We asked earlier WHO among House Republicans had the cojones to write into law — to codify, if you will — protection of state funding for a radical leftist non-profit.  Yep. Someone actually did that — in a bill sponsored by Republican Reps. Rob Bryan…

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Perp Walk: Corruption allegations, indictment ROCK the state House

The SOUTH CAROLINA state House, that is:  Today Rep Jim Merrill (R-Berkley), who is the Majority Whip in the South Carolina State Legislature was indicted on 30 counts of Ethics Violations with two of those counts being Misconduct in Office. The heart of the indictment…

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#ncgop: Ma Cotten, Zan, Dallas & Grampa STILL perpetrating the monkey business

We briefed you on Ma Cotten’s latest antics a short time back.    Judging from what I’m hearing from some frustrated party insiders, things aren’t getting much better: […] So, one day before the NCGOP state executive committee meetings,  members do not have a agenda…

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#ncga: Get off my lawn! (The solar panels and the envelopes of cash can STAY.)

I have been told that, if you really want to know what Tim Moore, David Lewis, and Nelson Dollar are up to, keep an eye on Jimmy Dixon.  The Duplin Republican is staking himself out as Frank Nitti to Speaker Timmy’s Al Capone.  (Or, more…

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GUILTY! Speaker Thom Tillis’s ‘right hand man’ could be headed for THE BIG HOUSE

Stephen Laroque has really taken us on a roller coaster ride during his time in Raleigh. The former GOP lawmaker was a supporter of Richard Morgan’s 2002-2006 alliance with former inmate — and House Speaker — Jim Black.  Laroque survived an Art Pope-financed primary challenge,…

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Power & Arrogance: Robeson pols living large on taxpayers’ dime despite county’s dismal economy

        Robeson County, in southeastern North Carolina, has officially become the state’s poorest jurisdiction.  It leads — or is near the top in all of the worst categories — crime, child abuse, venereal diseases, poverty, illiteracy.   You wouldn’t know things were…