#ncgop: Ma Cotten, Zan, Dallas & Grampa STILL perpetrating the monkey business

We briefed you on Ma Cotten’s latest antics a short time back.    Judging from what I’m hearing from some frustrated party insiders, things aren’t getting much better:

[…] So, one day before the NCGOP state executive committee meetings,  members do not have a agenda for the meeting. We have gotten numerous email (3 or 4) from the chairman wanting us to buy tickets to the victory celebration later tomorrow evening. This “victory celebration” is not on the NCGOP website calendar.  Nor is the state executive committee meeting even  listed.

We checked. This source IS correct. (*Viva transparency.*)

[…]  One, from past history, can assume the passage of the next fiscal year budget is the main item of business.  But once again it seems members of the committee will be blindsided with a document the-day-of to vote on. A day before the meeting, the committee has not been sent a copy for review  […] 

You can stand up and take these charlatans and scoundrels down.  Or, you can bow your head and tuck your tail and take their crap for ANOTHER year.  (It’s up to you.)