#ncgop: Ma Cotten, Zan, Dallas & Grampa STILL perpetrating the monkey business

We briefed you on Ma Cotten’s latest antics a short time back.    Judging from what I’m hearing from some frustrated party insiders, things aren’t getting much better:

[…] So, one day before the NCGOP state executive committee meetings,  members do not have a agenda for the meeting. We have gotten numerous email (3 or 4) from the chairman wanting us to buy tickets to the victory celebration later tomorrow evening. This “victory celebration” is not on the NCGOP website calendar.  Nor is the state executive committee meeting even  listed.

We checked. This source IS correct. (*Viva transparency.*)

[…]  One, from past history, can assume the passage of the next fiscal year budget is the main item of business.  But once again it seems members of the committee will be blindsided with a document the-day-of to vote on. A day before the meeting, the committee has not been sent a copy for review  […] 

You can stand up and take these charlatans and scoundrels down.  Or, you can bow your head and tuck your tail and take their crap for ANOTHER year.  (It’s up to you.) 

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  1. Transparency? HA! We treat the Executive Committee as a rubberstamp. Why should we tell the rubes what we are going to do? We will run out the clock with reports and then tell them that we have to rush the budget through so people can get to the social function, and if we don’t rush it through, then the party will have dire consequences by not passing the budget. We will blindside them as usual.

  2. The Executive Committee could stand up to these scoundrels or they could yet again be the props on the monkey business stage.

    A full scale revolt is what is needed; an executive committee standing up for their own powers as outlined in the plan of organization. Short of that its going to be same ol same ol.

    1. Rather large chunks of the ExComm stayed away today, not that I blame them for a change. Many knew they’d be driving for hours to accomplish very little and endure the obnoxious personality of the usurper and his cronies. Better to make changes where it’s effective…preparing to toss out certain district Chairs who’ve been there too long.

      1. Tossing out those responsible for the coup that occurred one week before our last state convention would be the correct response to what has happened to our party. Short of that, I imagine a lot of us will be going our own way. The present party has no legitimacy.

  3. so a proposed agenda was linked in a email sent at 1:50pm Friday and now it says a draft budget will be available starting at 11 am for members to review. This is ridiculous finding this out the less than 24 hours before the meeting but hey I guess it is something

  4. “Blindsiding”, “rubber stamping”, “rushing”, “frustration” – sounds like Democrats describing the majority party of the NCGA.

    It appears we’re all getting played.

  5. The theme for the day is shut up and say yay because we are not going to give the opposing side a chance to say nay

    And the faster you say yay the faster we all can go and party

    It was another despicable day

  6. Christmas related plans made it not a feasible meeting to attend, but from someone who was there, I hear the following:
    1) the mutual admiration society of Tom Stark, Robin Hayes, and Dallas Woodhouse was going full steam with each repeatedly praising each other.
    2) there was a greater than usual number of legislators present, with Jimmy Dixon manning the door to the meeting room for a while. Meanwhile some members said that conservative legislators had not even been informed of the meeting
    3) On passing the budget, when someone moved the previous qustion, Robin Hayes did not ask for or receive a second to that motion but proceeded directly to a vote on the budget, saying that he did not see any need to hold a vote on calling the question, even though there were members still seeking the floor to offer comments, questions, or amendments. This sounds like a railroad.
    4) Robin Hayes seemed to deliberately fail to call on conservatives during what budget debate there was. One who had had his hand raised during the entire budget discussion but was not called on, was told by Robin Hayes when he got the floor on a later item that he asked too many questions.
    5) Dallas Woodhouse gave a sophmoric analysis of the election results in a power point presentation. A member from the floor gave a better analysis off the cuff in a few words of what really happened and why.
    6) As usual lately, a large part of the budget, well over half was in a huge line item of payroll and related expenses without being further broken down, giving a huge blank check to those in the drivers seat in the party. The treasurer reeled off a list of positions currently on staff but there was nothing in the budget to tie the payroll line item to those particular positions. With a new chairman to be elected in June, the party could see a new chairman (or even the current one) personally pocketing a part of that line item as has happened in the past.

    1. The whole job of being on the committee is to ask questions even if sometimes others find them hysterical but if some happen to laugh some others laugh out of frustration that occured not at a democrat meeting but at the group that should be different

    2. John, to your 6th point, the speaker was Ron Cherry of Craven County, and you’re right; he nailed it.

      The other observations people have made are good, too, except the one who sounds ready to throw in the towel. As flawed as it is, the NC GOP is still the best tool to use to acquire good governance. We just need to keep working on cleaning it up and making it what it now PRETENDS to be — an organization of Constitutionally conservative people who want low taxes and less intrusive government.


      1. I never said I was throwing in the towel. I did say that we must throw out those responsible for the party coup that exiled legitimate elected leadership that was installed with major grassroots support. That would start with the district chair elections. We need major changes on the Central Committee.

        That said, if we fail to do that, then I can’t think of many reasons to stick around.

  7. One other thing that was told to me that happened at the ExCom meeting was that Robin Hayes said that when he took over, the RNC was only two days from directing all its efforts through the Wake County GOP instead of the NCGOP. This is an admission that both the RNC and the Wake party were involved in the coup against the grassroots. That should be remembered.

    No conservative should ever give a nickel to the establishment goons of the RNC. There are plenty of conservative groups to contribute to instead or better yet, individual conservative candidates.

    1. Well that goes back to a point I was not able to make during some closed session meeting and that is members of the ncga was threating to take out their caucus money on the chance that someone they did not want to become chairman did win….. So if Grandpa wants to make the case that the party was lacking funds it is totally logical to conclude that people in the party told others to turn off the cash flow spigot until they to regained control.

      No matter any shortcoming of the person elected I still will side that he was set up by people in the party to make sure he did not have any success

    2. Would the RNC ever have even contemplated such a move against a state party if the state’s National Committeeman and National Committeewoman – David Lewis and Ada Fisher at the time – had not been firmly in cahoots with them? Did that have something to do with the fishy, indeed downright fraudulent, manner in which they claimed to have narrowly reelected Fisher at the last convention? That bogus standing vote produced a usurper.

  8. I told you exactly what we were going to do and we did it. We willl always play the Executive Committee as a rubberstamp. We get actual paper copies of the budget in the Central Committee meeting, but do you think we would ever allow the Executive Committee to be given them? Back when they used to give them to the Executive Committee, too many questions got asked, and we cannot have that! Besides there are just so many gullible people on the Executive Committee who actually buy our excuses for not giving out the budget copies.

    Oh, and don’t even think about taking away our slush fund on payroll. How do you think we give Dallas his huge salary without the Executive Committee having a clue as to what it is?

    1. well even thought the people in charge was to treat the rest of us like idiots. everyone can go here our friends and our enemy’s and see more information then is ever given to the committee in the highly guarded projected budget that contains number no more meaningful then numbers pulled out of a hat

      go here today and every month and use a little math skills and most people could guesstimate this information that you say we have no clue about

      this argument that this info has to be highly kept secret and secure is STUPID STUPID when this much data has to be reported and it free for anyone to get off these here interwebby thing

      do I care what people make NO but I do care that donor money is being used wisely YES cause that should be the job of the executive committee

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