Bullying Mr. Causey

Mike Causey

Mike Causey might be needing a safe space really soon.   He was one of the big reasons Republicans had to celebrate last month.  After years and years of perseverance, Republican Causey knocked off an incumbent Democrat state insurance commissioner.

Causey campaigned on some pretty good ideas — like getting rid of the good-ol-boy Rate Bureau and breaking things open so there will be more competition, more choices, and better pricing in the state’s market.  Stuff like that is not sitting so well with the cronies and politicos who had all kinds of sweet inside deals with the outgoing commissioner Wayne Goodwin.

We hear Speaker Timmy and some of his peeps have been leaning extra special hard on Causey to ensure he doesn’t rock the boat too much over at the Department of Insurance. Too many players are worried about losing the special access and deals they’ve enjoyed under the Goodwin regime. Causey is a soft-spoken, nice guy who one can imagine would be quite easy to push around.

“Speaking” of ‘Bully Bait’ …

Why would Speaker Timmy be working against the new Republican commissioner?  We learned earlier that a sketchy Democrat lobbyist tied to Goodwin was allowed by leadership to influence the selection of House committee chairmen. Perhaps some of the same folks getting sweetheart deals from Goodwin have also been getting them from Speaker Timmy? 


6 thoughts on “Bullying Mr. Causey

  1. I highly doubt that the new Commissioner will be pushed around. Commissioner Causey knows who supported him and he reads this site. He also closely follows Jones Street. He is a gentleman but don’t cross him.

  2. Mike Causey is a good conservative who is there for the NC consumer, not the special interests. It is an outrage that corrupt special interest Republicans in the NC House would try to pressure him on behalf of the rotten special interests.

  3. In Mr. Causey, NC citizens have a champion for common sense and free market competition in in an industry that has sadly seen little of either.
    We now must do our part to provide him the feedback and support to achieve the necessary reforms.

    1. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he ran for Congress. Was impressed with his demeanor, very humble and down-to-earth for a retired military officer. Hope there’s a backbone of steel under that pleasant personality.

  4. For the record, Mr. Causey is not being bullied whatsoever. Sometimes rumors get started and go around so fast they rise to the level of news items. Check the facts. If anyone is being bullied it is the small and medium sized auto body shops that are bullied daily by some insurance companies dictating to the shop how to repair a damaged vehicle. Now there is plenty of news in this arena.
    -Mike Causey

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