#ncga: Get off my lawn! (The solar panels and the envelopes of cash can STAY.)

I have been told that, if you really want to know what Tim Moore, David Lewis, and Nelson Dollar are up to, keep an eye on Jimmy Dixon.  The Duplin Republican is staking himself out as Frank Nitti to Speaker Timmy’s Al Capone.  (Or, more realistically, the Stimpy to Speaker Timmy’s Ren.)

Apparently, somebody let the mean old man use the email:

On Dec 7, 2016, at 3:04 PM, Michael Wiggins (Rep. Jimmy Dixon) > wrote:

Members & Advisors, Rep. Dixon wanted me to forward to you this stakeholder meeting notice for 10:00am on December the 20th. As stated in the notice, this is his attempt to further inform himself on the issues noted for discussion. He will preside and conduct the meeting to ensure productive use of the time. Please feel free to attend and participate if your schedule will permit. You can email or call us with questions or suggestions. Thanks, Michael Wiggins From: Michael Wiggins (Rep. Jimmy Dixon) Sent: Monday, December 05, 2016 4:15 PM


Subject: Renewable Energy Stakeholder Meeting

This is to inform and invite you to attend a stakeholders’ meeting that I will be convening at 10:00 am on Tuesday December 20, 2016 in 415 LOB. The purpose of this discussion is to better inform myself of our current status regarding implementation of SB 3 passed about ten years ago and to discuss what if any adjustments might need to be considered as we now have about a decade of experience from which to make future decisions. Having been in the General Assembly now for six years, I believe that the citizenry of our state is best served when quality discussions between stakeholder groups and legislators represents an integral part of the legislative process. That has not always been the case in recent years on this issue. Please consider this proposed agenda that can be adjusted with your input in consultation with staff no later than 12:00 noon on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.

Agenda, December 20, 10 am, 415 LOB

1. Opening Remarks Rep. Dixon and Other Legislators Present

2. Introduction of Stakeholder Groups

 Roundtable Discussion

(a) How was the 12.5% by 2021 set

(b) How was the 80% property tax abatement set

(c) Connectivity and interconnection queue issues

(d) Property allocation for tax purposes

(e) Decommissioning Bonding


12:00 Noon Adjourn

A second meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 5, 2015 at 10 am in 415 LOB. Should of any of the stakeholders like to meet with me prior to the meeting, I am available to schedule a meeting December 7-9 between 10 am and 2 pm. Any stakeholder that is interested in scheduling a meeting with me on these dates and times should contact my office at (919) 715-3021 or contact my Legislative Assistant –Michael Wiggins via Cell Phone # (252) 933-7416

Thank you, Representative Dixon

*Oh, did he mention to be sure to bring FAT WADS of CASH with you?*

THIS is all about the taxpayer subsidies for those solar panels you see popping up like weeds all over the place.  The solar lobby spent BIG on Speaker Timmy and his team this year, and they are expecting to collect on that investment this coming session.  Solar is a big boondoggle. It’s a waste of money.  And it is NOW crystal clear that House leadership is ready and waiting to collect even more cash in return for continuing to put us on the hook for subsidizing this industry.

Oh, by the way. These meetings are being held in public facilities.  So, if you have time — show up at any of these with video cameras. *Jimmy (and Timmy) will really appreciate it.*