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NO JAIL for Robin Hayes ?????

    That’s where this appears headed.  If you read the court documents, you will have seen that the former congressman and state GOP chairman facilitated the attempted bribe of the state insurance commissioner:   When recruited in 2018 to help funnel some $2 millions…

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#hayesscandal: GUILTY !!!

    At least, THAT is what Grandpa and his attorneys will be saying in court on October 2:   Former congressman Robin Hayes will admit in court that he lied to federal agents conducting a bribery probe of a major political donor.   The…

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Brother, can ya spare, oh —– $50,000 ?????

  There are a few pretty interesting entries on the North Carolina Republican Party’s FEC financial disclosure report.  Look under the category of loans:     You have Dallas Woodhouse and FIVE Cabarrus County residents “loaning” the NCGOP a combined total of  $50,000 on the…

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#hayesscandal: Kicking the can down the road

  Defense lawyers seem to be having their way with this one.  The US attorney is a former Mecklenburg County DA who happens to be BFFs with Thom Tillis.  The defense got the judge changed from a hard-line Democrat to a newly-seated, newly-approved Republican ….

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#hayesscandal: New judge? Dem replaced by Republican

    The bribery case involving former NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes was slated to be heard by federal Judge (and Democrat)  Max Cogburn — most famous for single-handedly legalizing gay marriage in North Carolina.  Now, it appears that US District Judge Kenneth Bell — a…

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Mark Walker: NRCC dues spat? Legal fees scuffle? A Tillis-DOJ plot against him? STILL toying with 2020 Senate run?

  There’s quite a bit of soap opera drama swirling around a certain Greensboro preacher-turned-politician:   Tensions boiled over on Tuesday between the leader of the GOP campaign committee and several House Republican leaders over the issue of dues, multiple sources confirmed to The Hill….

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#hayesscandal: Trial by Sept. ?

    Thaaaaaaaaat is what the drive-bys are reporting.     Robin Hayes,  NCGOP chairman UNTIL YESTERDAY,  and his three co-defendants could be in  front of a trial judge as early as September of this year.   (Meanwhile,  Republican candidates will be facing off against…

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#hayesscandal: The Defendant, a “distraction”?

    Once again, somnambulant Jim Morrill has the story wrong:   *Doesn’t want to be a distraction.  How freakin’ thoughtful.*   Also, he’s not Ex.  He’s STILL the chairman.  (He made a dubious, sketchy appointment of an “acting chairman.”)   Apparently,  there are not…

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#hayesscandal: “the defendant” is STILL throwing his weight around at NCGOP HQ

  You would think Robert Cannon Hayes would have more pressing things on his mind these days — you know, with his face still stinging from being slapped with FIVE criminal indictments.   Yet, I’m being told Hayes is still bullying his way around behind…

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#hayesscandal: Lt. Dan corrects campaign report in re: Lindberg donation

  Okay, before we get started here, I want to stress something.  I KNOW that there are quite  few people who read this blog and happen to either (a) struggle with reading comprehension or (b) just don’t understand how  a blog works.   What I…