#hayesscandal: “the defendant” is STILL throwing his weight around at NCGOP HQ


You would think Robert Cannon Hayes would have more pressing things on his mind these days — you know, with his face still stinging from being slapped with FIVE criminal indictments.


Yet, I’m being told Hayes is still bullying his way around behind the scenes at state Republican HQ.  Some party officials have gone to him discreetly, suggesting that it might be a good idea for him to stay away at least until his unpleasantness with the US Department of Justice is sorted out.


Hayes’s response to such requests, I’m told, is basically : “Go pound sand.”



The tradition  of pulling it out of your rear and making it up as you go is alive and well on Hillsborough Street.  We all know about the rather sketchy, dubious appointment by Hayes of Aubrey Woodard as “acting chairman.”


I’m told Woodard has informed “the troops” that decisions on final candidates for executive director will be made days BEFORE the new state party chairman is elected.  Therefore, the newly-elected chairman will have little, if any, say in the process and be saddled with whomever the current ruling junta saddles him  with.  Shades of Hasan Harnett and Dallas Woodhouse.


Oh, and it gets better.  The state party has an internal organization called the District / County Chairman’s Association — which is currently being run into the ground by Ma Cotten’s dear sweet baby-girl.  Instead of allowing nominations for that organization from  the convention floor, a “nominating committee” is being formed by the state party’s current ruling junta.  Clearly another move to clip the wings of any insurgent grassroots efforts at work out there in flyover country.


These people don’t give a hoot about conservatism or the party platform or growing the party.  They care about retaining or growing their personal power and that of their cronies.   They appear to be fine with following Robin  Hayes right down the drain.