#ncga: Seriously. HOW is this good news?


Exhibit A:


That is Speaker Timmy’s chief spokesman cheering the “over-collection” of revenue by the state to the tune of $700M.

Now here’s Speaker Timmy doing the same in Exhibit B:



Sooooo — the “conservative revolution” thinks it is a good thing that the state confiscated $700m more from us than it actually needed to operate?   This joy could be justified if state government was meant to be a for-profit enterprise.  But it’s not.


Giving these people MORE MONEY is like giving a fat kid more cookies or a junkie more crack.  Nothing good can come from  it.



Once again, they’ve failed to properly budget for the operation of the government.  Once again they took too much of our hard-earned money.


They need to give it back.  They need to cut taxes further.  Every bit of that “surplus” needs to come back, like, YESTERDAY.