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Public Schools eat up HALF of the county budget. (And they’re demanding MORE.)

  It’s like a broken record.  Every year,  Moore county public school officials and their puppets on the school board go to the media , and before the county board of commissioners, boo-hooing about how they simply don’t have enough money to properly educate all…

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#ncga: Seriously. HOW is this good news?

  Exhibit A:   That is Speaker Timmy’s chief spokesman cheering the “over-collection” of revenue by the state to the tune of $700M. Now here’s Speaker Timmy doing the same in Exhibit B:     Sooooo — the “conservative revolution” thinks it is a good…

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#ncga: Charity calls out Tarte on his PORK

I thought it was unusual to see $200,000 tucked away in the recent budget agreement for “classroom supplies.”   Those are normally appropriations handled by local governing entities — city councils, county commissioners, and school boards. The budget agreement even cited a charity called DonorsChoose…

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#ncpol: Is it 2022 YET ???

It seems Richard Burr is not going to let Thom Tilli$$$ earn that suckweasel certification uncontested.  Burr is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, but instead of showing some leadership he’s following Democrat Mark Warner around like a puppy on this Russian election meddling nonsense….

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Rand is right.

It’s almost hard to believe senators from the alleged conservative party would talk about one of their more devoutly conservative colleagues like this: Rand Paul took a stand, consequences be damned. And Senate Republicans are livid about it. After driving the government into a brief shutdown…

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My government shut down, and I barely noticed.

If I hadn’t checked in with the drivebys this morning, I would have had no idea we were in the midst of a government shutdown. Of course, the drivebys want you to believe the country is paralyzed AND the GOP is to blame.   Never…

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The CONTINUING continuing resolution scam

Passing a budget is one of their top constitutionally-mandated jobs.  Yet, our Congress hasn’t been able to get it done in NINE YEARS.  Every so often, we’ll hear about these “continuing resolutions” that HAVE to be passed so the old ladies, babies and puppies don’t…

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#ncga: Speaker Timmy likes the taste of ‘pork’, too.

Just like Axel Foley, I smell ‘pork.’   Here’s The Shelby Star, Speaker Timmy’s hometown paper:  Among the questioned earmarks included in the proposed state budget is a $5 million allotment for Cleveland Community College. Democrats and critics of the spending plan have zeroed in…

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#ncga: Being charitable with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY

I’m a big fan of private citizens voluntarily investing their time, talents, and funds to do good for their fellow man.  (I’ve done my share via my involvement with various civic clubs and my church.)  It can feel quite good knowing that your sacrifice /…

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Government “savings” is NOT conservative

On June 1, John Hood — North Caroiina’s ”Mr. Conservative” — was proudly proclaiming that people know much better than government how to spend their own money.  (We agree with him on that point.) But, look at what Mr. Hood has to say on June…