Uncle Phil: No casinos? Then, no budget for YOU.

The word I am getting from our very own Sin City is that the deal to plant four new casinos outside of tribal lands is toes-up dead.

Folks on the House side of things are all pointing their fingers at Team Berger on the Senate side. House folks say Berger’s hard-line stance ticked off a lot of folks back home and made the casinos a lot harder to sell to individual legislators AND their constituents.  If you’re mad about not getting a casino, blame Uncle Phil.  That’s the word from the House side.

I’m also hearing that Team Berger may also kill off passage of any kind of new budget.  Two months after it was due.  A lot of folks were waiting and counting on funding and pay raises that will now, likely, go away until next year. If you’re mad about not getting a budget — more than two months after it was due — blame Uncle Phil and his gang.  That’s what I hear from both chambers. 

Gee, with all of this disunity and finger-pointing, you’d think we have divided partisan control of the state legislature.