Any Shame here? Any at all? Anyone? (Um, O-kay.)

Catching a politician engaging in a disgraceful display of hypocrisy is not all that unusual.  But, thanks to his behavior throughout the extended budget brouhaha, we’re going to scrutinize Phil Berger just a little:

[…] “Today the Senate gave final approval to a budget that continues to build on the last decade of unprecedented economic growth and success in North Carolina. It addresses our state’s most pressing needs, notably bolstering our water and wastewater infrastructure systems with $2 billion.

“This was possible because of the thoughtful, fiscally responsible policies the Republican-led General Assembly initiated after decades of Democratic disasters.

“We’ve been able to infuse record amounts of funds into education, public safety, mental health needs, and infrastructure, all while drastically cutting taxes for all North Carolinians. Our formula of low taxes, responsible spending, and reasonable regulations has been successful.

“This budget is good for all North Carolinians.

“Yet, in a display of politics trumping policy, every Senate Democrat voted against increased funding for education, against pay raises for teachers and state employees, against expanding school choice to all families in North Carolina, and against supporting our rural communities with critical infrastructure.

“In an even more brazen display of political cowardice and avoiding accountability, Gov. Cooper will not sign the budget into law. It’s clear that virtue signaling and political ambition are what drives his decisions.”[…]

“Political cowardice and avoiding acountability”?  Does that include trying to shove the following down our throats via a secretive backroom budget process: casinos, weed, Medicaid expansion, sketchy land-grabs and rezoning maneuvers, law changes to centralize more power within the General Assembly and to hide more and more legislative maneuvering from the public? Or better yet — holding the whole budget hostage because no one wants your shady casino deal? (*Asking for a friend.*)  

What about hiking spending by roughly eight billion dollars over a six year period? Not a single place where a belt could be tightened, eh?  Not a single bit of waste to be cut, huh?