Cooper administration has been VERY, VERY GOOD to Robinson family business

IF Mark Robinson gets to be the GOP nominee for governor, it will be tough for him to criticize the tenure of Democrat Roy Cooper.  The financial records for Robinson’s family business, Balanced Nutrition, indicate the firm has seen explosive growth throughout Roy Cooper’s time in the governor’s mansion. 

Balanced Nutrition was first incorporated in 2015.  It began operating as a contractor for the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) in 2017 – Cooper’s first year as governor.  According to the firm’s tax filings, it uses tax money funneled from the US Department of Agriculture to the NCDHHS to reimburse day care centers who provide lunches to poor children. 

Total 2017 revenue for Balanced Nutrition was $111,628.  Yearly revenue for the company grew to $1,207,426 in 2020 – the year Robinson was elected lieutenant governor.  Expert analysis of documents obtained from state government sources appears to indicate Balanced Nutrition‘s total 2023 revenue will meet or exceed $2 million.  From $111,628 to $2 million in six years.  

Mark Robinson has even acknowledged how lucrative Balanced Nutrition has been.  In his successful 2022 memoir, Robinson wrote that the business was doing so well in 2019 and 2020 that he and his wife, Yolanda, could live on its income alone while he campaigned full time.

Robinson also acknowledged that, since being elected lieutenant governor, he and his wife have been able to live comfortably just on his LTG salary.  The Balanced Nutrition money was basically gravy.  (If that’s the case, perhaps they could have found some funds to pay off a creditor here or there.)

Speaking of all this growth, WHAT possessed the Robinsons to apply for TWO federal paycheck protection loans – COVID relief – from the US SBA?  One of the more important requirements for those loans is demonstration of revenue loss.  After reviewing the Robinsons’ own paperwork, we can’t find ANY evidence of revenue loss.  NONE. 

Despite that, Balanced Nutrition was awarded both loans.  (And both loans were forgiven.)