ANOTHER Cooper-Berger-Moore budget boondoggle STILL lurking out there

The backroom wheeling-and-dealing on the state budget continues, as a lot of state business faces uncertainty and most legislators are left twiddling thumbs.  We’ve told you about the disgraceful casino deal being pushed by senator Phil Berger, his little buddy from Kings Mountain, and their cronies.

NCInnovation is also still lurking around out there.  We told you earlier about this plan to foist a lifetime partnership with The State of North Carolina (and some well-connected members of the political donor class) on some cash-starved entrepreneurial startups.  Socialism – some may say fascism – at its filthiest.  

NCInnovation’s big ask for the state has apparently dropped from $2.5 billion down to $1.4 billion. Even so, it’s still a hot mess that uses A LOT OF OUR MONEY to reward a select few and goes against everything America stands for. It’s not far off at all from the crap Karl Marx advocated for. It’s not far off from what the Chinese Communist Party does to its home folks. 

This is not the kind of stuff we were told to expect with our veto-proof majority.  We’ve got three important pieces of legislation aimed at protecting kids from the transgender ideology that have been vetoed by ol’ Roy and are collecting dust awaiting an override by our veto-proof majority. 

Apparently, casino developer cash and appeasement of big donors rank a hell of a lot higher than protecting our kids.  Remember that when these weasels come around again, with hat in hand, begging for cash and votes.