Timmy grovels to Democrats on casino deal

It’s funny. Not ha-ha funny.  Just, um, FUNNY.

We were told that a veto-proof majority would allow for all kinds of Republican policy matters to roll through the legislature without any hindrance from Democrats or their succubus Roy Cooper.

The on-going secretive casino shenanigans have caused all that to blow up spectacularly.  Timmy and his crew can’t get a majority of their own caucus to support casinos across the Tar Heel countryside. Timmy and the boys have taken a boatload of cash from gambling interests — so they are really under pressure to make something happen.  (“Fat Boy” Saine, one of Timmy’s most treasured punks is, in fact, the gambling industry’s policymaker of the year – and proud of it.  As should all of you be in Lincoln County.  Saine is really under pressure to deliver for his new owners.)

Here’s the latest my moles on Jones Street are passing along.  In an attempt to lure away some Democrat votes, Timmy & co. are offering to dramatically reduce funds currently in the budget for charter schools AND various pro-life initiatives.

We’re also hearing that Medicaid expansion AND casinos could be separated from the budget and put into a separate bill.  If you want Medicaid expansion, you have to vote for casinos. And vice-versa.

If you didn’t already know, WE THE PEOPLE no longer matter.  This is about delivering to big-time donors.

(From what I hear, there are some folks in the gambling industry who really don’t take kindly to folks who don’t honor commitments.  Remember the infamous “Cheater’s Justice” scene from the Scorsese movie “Casino”?)

Changing party control is not going to fix this.  Democrat corruption and Jim Black gave us the big flip in 2010.  Has the NCGOP stunk Raleigh up enough, at this point, to create another flip in 2024?

They may be wrongheaded on policy over there on the left, but I wholeheartedly believe there are folks in those ranks who still think integrity and respect for voters are important.  Left and right need to seriously examine what we have “representing” us in Raleigh and make some changes.

Filing for primaries is in December.  Here’s a good political target list to start with:

  1. Lincoln County
  2. Cleveland County
  3. Rockingham County
  4. Pitt County
  5. Lenoir County
  6. Caldwell County
  7. Wayne County

Folks in these counties:  Identify some quality candidates who honestly have public service at heart — no criminal records, no tin-foil hats.  We know the incumbents will have a money edge. Factor in the level of anger out here in the heartland and you might truly stun yourself at the amount of money that comes in from out of the county.  You might be stunned at what you pull off on Election Day.  The political class needs to understand that the people will only tolerate SO MUCH bullshit.