NCGOPers are finalists for 2023 national Gambling Awards! (Um, YAY?)

Yes, you read that right.  Some influential members of the “Republican revolution” on Jones Street — Rep. Jason Saine and Senator Jim Perry — are in the running for’s “Policymaker of The Year.”

(Personally, I think those two ought to hold out for whatever is offering.) 

Yep.  Here we are in the heart of the so-called “Bible Belt” ready to legalize weed and casinos.  *Who’da thunk it?*

Show off hands.  WHO asked for this?  ANY of THIS?  *Personally, I’d like to be able to fill my gas tank or visit the grocery store without first calling my broker. *

This year, these guys get the nod from  Next year?  Finalists for ‘Daddy of The Year’ over at (Just you wait.)

The next time one of these guys from Jones Street with an (R) next to their name comes around telling you how much they love Jesus and their family and apple pie and ‘Merica, think long and hard about all the weed and gambling money that got passed around Raleigh.

It’s nothing to be proud of to be singled out as “Policymaker of the Year” by a special interest.  That’s an announcement to the world that YOU ARE OWNED.   Yeah, and you’re owned by folks who got their stuff passed via a lot of secretive meetings and cash-lined pockets.