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Report: Pay-to-play, the Jason Saine way.

  A non-profit watchdog that has bedeviled Speaker Timmy in recent months and years has now set its sights on a certain tubby little parasite from Lincoln County.  The Campaign for Accountability (CfA) has issued a report detailing the rather interesting timing between campaign contributions…

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#ncga: And then there were TWO! (Perhaps a THIRD?)

We already told you about John Blust getting a visit from the FeeBs.  Now it appears another Republican legislator also had an unexpected encounter: FBI agents reached out to at least two members of the N.C. House of Representatives in recent months, asking questions about…

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#ncga: Campaign funds to pay “COLLEGE HUNKS” ?????

No,  we’re not talking about a sex scandal here.  (At least, I DON’T THINK SO.) Jason Saine is still living the good life with his campaign treasury.  Apparently, his folks back home don’t care.  They keep sending him back to Raleigh.  Apparently, the state board…

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#ncga: Viva Las Vegas! (Hey, let’s eat.)

Yes, boys and girls, that appears to be the theme for state Rep. Jason Saine’s  Q1 2018 campaign finance report.  He DID have  a primary opponent, but it is amazing how little of his campaign expenditures appear to actually have something to do with campaigning….

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#ncga: Traveling & Eating (on special interests’ dime) with Jason

Only in America — specifically North Carolina and the NCGOP — can a guy go from broke and unemployed to making major financial decisions for the future of the state and getting showered with cash.  It’s good to be Jason Saine. We’ve had quite a…

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NCGOPe’s Love /Hate relationship with Josh Stein

The GOP leadership on Jones Street lashed out hard at Attorney General Josh Stein for hamstringing efforts to carry out death sentences in North Carolina. Meanwhile, another top legislative Republican is teaming with Stein on some legislation in what some observers might describe as a,…

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Why so skeered-a ALEC?

I mean — look at their incoming chairman.  Jason Saine was on unemployment when he got appointed to the state House in 2011.  He’s got a clear record of not being able to manage his personal finances — much less his campaign finances.  Yet, he’s…

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Raleigh Rubber Street: Explained

Jason Saine is a mover and shaker in the House.  The guy went from unemployment to vice-chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and Chairman of the Finance Committee.  You’d THINK the guy would be pretty good with math and record keeping and stuff like that….

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#ncga: Auditing Mr. Saine

He’s vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee and Senior Chairman of the Finance Committee.  He has a lot of say on issues relating to the state’s finances and the your bank account.  But it appears the gentleman from Lincoln County is having quite the challenge…

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#ncga: Dollar, Saine scoring political points at county govt expense

A reader raised this possibility earlier.  After looking into it, I think the reader may have a point. There was existing legislation granting property tax exemptions for the first $45,000 in appraised value to “disabled veterans.” ( That sounds so nice.  But the legislation makes…