Another day, another girl, another pay raise. It’s GOOD to be the Speaker.

We’re hearing, once again, about a young lady connected to NC House Speaker Timmy Biscuitville getting some heckin’ good career assistance.  THIS ONE, however, is NOT named Lassiter:

Last year, House Speaker Tim Moore and Rep. Jason Saine budgeted a new position for the courthouses in their home counties that the Administrative Office of the Courts did not ask for in budget requests.

The result was a new job and a $13,000 raise for one of Moore’s former law firm employees.

Kinsley Mashburn Craig, 33, went from making $68,641 as a court manager to $82,000 as a trial court administrator in January, according to public records from AOC. Those records also indicate that Craig’s position had been created by legislators without a request from the court system, at least as part of its formal budget proposal.

Craig worked as a legal assistant and office manager at Moore’s law firm in Kings Mountain for two years beginning in 2010, according to her Linkedin profile. Craig deleted one of her Linkedin pages after learning that The N&O was writing this story. She also made her Facebook page private, which included photos of her with Moore.

Moore did not respond to requests for comment about how the position was created or his connection to Craig. His office did not make anyone available to speak on the record.

Saine, however, said that the position was created to benefit Lincoln and Cleveland counties, where he and Moore live, respectively, and not Craig.

Saine serves as Republicans’ lead budget writer in the House. He said he has known Craig for a decade, has her cellphone number and occasionally speaks to her about the needs of AOC or whether employees will get raises in the upcoming budgets.[….]

So, the wise & powerful & well-dressed “Chaya-man” Saine consults with dear sweet Kinsley — and NOT chief justice Newby – on court matters?  Interesting. 


[…] “The local judges and court people were asking for it, and I realize AOC might not have requested it, but (the judges) are close to me and the speaker,” Saine said. “I don’t think it’s a big story; it’s just, yeah, turns out that’s how politics works: the proximity to talk to people who are in politics, and our districts do OK.”

Saine couldn’t tell The N&O why his county needed a trial court administrator more than others did.

“Tim interacts with the courthouse much more than I do,” Saine said, while struggling to explain who specifically requested the position. “It was one of those things that I was like OK, fine. That’s good with me. Whatever. They had a reason to justify it, and that was what it was.”[…]

Two guys who wouldn’t have two nickels to rub together between them had it not been for the NC House are on this case.  if you’re an attractive young lady, or bearing a wheelbarrow full of cash, they’ve got you covered.  (Covered in what, you ask?)