Teacher Union flip-flops on queering public school libraries

Boy, the National Education Association (NEA) is, um, something *special.*

The Democrat Party interest group that has custody of your kids from 8-4 (or so) Monday through Friday can’t seem to make up its mind about graphic, sexually-explicit reading materials:

A couple weeks ago, the National Education Association (NEA) included the (porno)graphic novel, Gender Queer, on its summer reading list for educators.  According to one description of the novel:

It is almost impossible to describeGender Queer’stext and illustrations, encompassing as they do everything from masturbation to bodily mutilation to gay blowjobs to Plato’s Symposium to bullet vibes to tasting one’s own vagina. 

The NEA’s recommendations, which also included anti-racist screed White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, was published on June 5 of this year.  The internet Wayback Machine, a website that catalogs website pages by date, has alink to the NEA’s list as it looked on June 12.  Note there is no italicized introductory explanation regarding the intentions of the list when it was first published.

After significant criticism from the public and multiple news stories, however, the NEA added a clarification.  Prior to the recommended reads, now anEditor’s Notestates:

Educators read diverse books so that they can better understand their colleagues, students, and families they serve. The books here are not recommended for students.

The NEA emphasizes that the books listed — including White Fragility and Gender Queer are not recommended for students.”

Last year, the NEA argued that parents who criticize Gender Queer are not acting in the best interest of students and “want to exclude certain children by removing people who look like them.”

Now, the NEA recommends Gender Queer for educators, but not students.

So which is it?  The NEA contradicts itself.

And if the NEA’s most recent commentary admits that Gender Queer is unsuitable for our nation’s pupils, then why does the graphic novel remain on primary school shelves? […]

Good question. So,  the next time parents go before a school board demanding action on materials like Gender Queer, the faculty and the rest of the screaming leftist mob need to check with their comrades in the teachers’ union.  On this issue at least, the NEA has discovered common sense.