#ncpol campaign 2024: Adding to and subtracting from the field

Well, it appears we’ve gone from four GOPers down to three in the primary field for Labor Commissioner.  State Rep. Ben Moss has decided to abandon this effort and run for reelection to his legislative seat which includes Richmond and Moore counties.  At least three other Republicans — including former legislator Jamie Boles — are looking hard at that legislative seat Moss is trying to hold onto. 

That leaves state Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guilford) and two lesser-known candidates —  Luke Farley of Wake County and Travis Wilson of Union County.

Filing for primary races starts December 4. 

Over in the GOP gubernatorial field, we’re picking up a significant addition — former state senator Andy Wells of Hickory.  When we last saw Wells, he was competing in the field for lieutenant governor that eventually gave us Mark Robinson.

Wells joins a field that already includes lieutenant governor Mark Robinson, state treasurer Dale Folwell, and former congressman Mark Walker.