#ncga: Jason Saine, the $19,116.45 man.

saineImelda Marcos had 3000-plus shoes.  Fletcher Hartsell had, well,um, a lot of stuff.  The latest round of campaign finance reports show that Jason Saine, for the first half of 2015,  charged more than $19,000 worth of new clothes to his reelection campaign.

Yessirree, that’s right.  The legislator from Lincoln County, who is a top dog on the Appropriations and Finance committees,  makes $13,951 per year as a legislator.  Yet, during the first six months of 2015, Saine gobbled enough campaign contributions to drop $19,116.45 on new clothes.  

On January 2, Saine dipped into his campaign fund to spend $826.30 at Jos A. Bank.  On January 5, he popped by Belk to drop $381.80 in campaign funds.

The big money started rolling in February.  That’s when it appears Saine discovered The Tom James Company  – a swanky, high-dollar men’s clothing company that will come to you and make clothes for you (for a HEFTY price).

On February 9, the Saine campaign reported spending $6,632.84 with the Tom James Company. On April 8, the campaign reported spending $8,621.62 with the Tom James Compsaine2any.  On June 25, the campaign reported going back to spend $2,923.89  more on ready-to-wear clothes.

Show of hands. How many of you out there have dropped more than $19,000 on CLOTHES in a six month period? (I’ve seen this guy in person and in photos.  I really don’t see what all that money went to.  If he REALLY spent that money on clothes, SOMEONE took him for a big-time ride.) 


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  1. This just goes to show he doesn’t spend his money or campaign money very well so why would you put him in charge of spending taxpayers money. Everyone knows that Jos A Banks runs buy one suit get three free sale every other month.

    Look in your closet, do you see $19,000?

  2. Don’t forget that Jason In-Saine was also one of the ringleaders of the Solyndra Caucus of liberal GOPers who have been pushing Obama’s green energy agenda in the NC House.

    Can’t Lincoln County find someone who is sane to primary this liberal?

  3. “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” —Bo Derek

  4. “have dropped more than $19,000 on CLOTHES in a six month period?”

    I’m a simple man and I work in an office environment like many others. Dress nicely (business casual) although I probably could dress nicer I suppose. I’m not sure I’ve spent 19k on clothes in the past 20 years!!

  5. #ncga: Jason Saine needs to rethink the way he spends campaign funds. As member of the Appropriations and Finance Committees, will he so carelessly spend taxpayers money as he does campaign contributions? For most Lincoln County residents working in an office or in a service industry, it would take a number of years before they spend that amount of money on clothes.

  6. Shocked and disappointed at least I can say he has done a lot for Lincoln County and NC with about every committee he has served and always willing to join a committee. I hope this isn’t true but it looks like the reporter did his research. I guess it’s easy to get wrapped up in the dress up style that they go by and when you can’t personally afford it you make mistakes like this, not to excuse the action in anyway. I also believe the $13k salary is ridiculous comparing to other states and the amount of work SOME of them put in. Hate to see this Jason very shocked

  7. And when this years legislation enabling govt. use of drones gets slipped into the budget without a single hearing in the Senate, it’s a toss-up whether it will be done by Jason Saine or John Torbett. They’ve taken turns the last two years.

  8. LOL. Jason at his very best. He is never been a conservative, just a money loving, power obsessed thief.

  9. IF this shocks you research his prior employment record or his unemployment record I should say! Check those references! Not to mention all the investors who lost their “Solid Investments” under his leadership or lack thereof. Still bewildered!

  10. He went from filing bankruptcy to unemployment to GQ??? I checked his reports. Also spends a lot on high end restaurants. Wow. We all need his job. Now finance committee. Geesh wake up people!

  11. These positions are never intended to be full time jobs many many years ago. So why should he very more than $ 13000 a year. I say they should get less and have another full time job. That would free up $13000 in tax payers money for other things. If they really want the job to help the people they should do it for free and have another full time job. Regardless of that…he should buy his own Damn clothes. What a prick.

  12. Let’s be honest. Jason is just another glutinous, white Republican. He wasn’t being successful working at retail shops, declared bankruptcy, but then he used his high school popularity to get into politics. He was smart and chaired committees for saving puppies. I mean, really? We all know that everyone likes puppies. He did this to suck up to the public and get his head further up Thom Tillis’s’s ass. If you all aren’t careful, he’s going to get too much power. You see what he had done. Don’t be crazy enough to keep voting him in. He has written and deleted several posts he has made in regards to this matter. Why? Because he is lying and is not sure what he should be putting in writing.

  13. This sad little county which is run by a bully chairman of county commissioners sadly won’t run anyone against him in the primary. The only hope for this seat is a candidate from eastern Lincoln county with no ties to the redneck good ole boys club!

  14. I think before you believe all this crap, you should know all the facts!
    Once again, people are damning someone without knowing what really happened!!
    Why not ask Jason himself, before throwing stones!???

  15. Funny. This ol’ boy looks like he just slipped out of his coveralls and unhitched the ol’ mule he’s been behind all day. Not sure which one is sweating more!

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