Richard Burr ALSO on the solar bandwagon

burrAnother politician connected to uber-consultant Paul Shumaker is out beating the bushes in favor of government subsidies of solar energy.  As my friend Gomer says: “Sir-Prahz, Sir-Prahz, Sir-Prahz.”

It’s amazing to see how many Republican politicos are suddenly in love with solar and wind energy.  Late last month, our senior senator — and some fawning local state legislators — toured a new solar farm in Montgomery County.  Kristen Laster — of all people — was there to capture the glorious event on Instagram: 



All the politicos were falling all over themselves to tell us HOW GREAT renewable energy is and will be:

[…] U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., said he looks out over the graded fields and sees jobs.

“Before I got here, it was hard for me to visualize anything but a quail farm,” Burr said. The solar farm is growing on several acres purchased from the Town of Biscoe and the former Tobacco Stick Hunting Preserve between U.S. 220 Alternate in Biscoe and Interstate 73.

Burr said North Carolina is now fourth in the nation in solar megawatt production and that Duke Progress Power “has been a great partner.”

“We thank Montgomery County for embracing solar energy projects to make jobs and create energy,” Burr said. “The partnership between O2 emc, the Town of Biscoe and county leaders enabled them to leverage state and federal funds to produce clean energy.”

Burr is a member of the Senate finance subcommittee which is debating extending the solar tax credit set to expire in 2016. O2 emc officials urged him to vote to extend the credit.[…] 

*<GASP!>*   (*You DON’T say!*)  Hold the phone, though.  It gets, um, *better*: moneywhirl

[…] N.C. Sen. Jerry Tillman, R-Moore/Randolph, said O2 emc has taken a property with a $500 tax base and turned it into a $100,000 tax base.

“I am on board with whatever I can do. Our future needs renewable energy because there is no telling what those Arabs will do with oil,” Tillman said.

N.C. Sen. Stan Bingham, R-Davidson/Montgomery, said he had never been so impressed with such an innovative project and he, too, would be happy to “kick the Arabs’ butts” on energy.

Bingham said he had been interested in alternate energy sources since he lived in Australia and has two daughters who are engineers in that industry.

Also on the early construction tour were N.C. Rep. James Boles, R-Moore, and N.C. Rep. Allen McNeill, R-Moore/Randolph, along with Montgomery County commissioners Jim Matheny and Jackie Morris and Biscoe Mayor Jimmy Blake and town commissioners John Beard and Gene Anderson. [..] 

*SMH*.  Politicians following solar people around begging for campaign contributions like dogs seeking treats from their masters. 

13 thoughts on “Richard Burr ALSO on the solar bandwagon

  1. How is Obama Republican Tricky Dick Burr any better than having an Obama Democrat? Burr is just pushing Obama’s war on affordable energy. The Green Energy boondoggle means corporate welfare gouging taxpayers and higher electric bills for consumers. Richard Burr is an enemy of North Carolina electric ratepayers. He needs to be taken out in a primary.Burr is a senator for K Street who totally ignores main street.

    1. I do get your point but at least Burr did say YAY to stop funding planned parenthood yesterday so he does support social issues when they probably will not cost him politically a Obama Dem would never support a socially conservative cause

      but yea I would rather have Ted Cruz as my senator and a real conservative needs to primary Burr

      1. Yesterday’s vote was easy, it is really a show vote. The defunding effort has no chance of passing in the senate and if it did, a veto is guaranteed. The need to tie defunding to an appropriations bill or the upcoming CR. Recall the HIghway Bill when they brought back Ex-Im Bank back from the dead but refused to vote on an amendment to defund Planed Parenthood then. The Senate under GOP leadership is playing games. Mitch McConnell, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis are Obama enablers. What have they done to advance the cause of liberty? Nothing, they continue to bring forward and pass Obama’s agenda.

  2. I just love driving down 211 near Candor and up to Greensboro on 220 and see the BEAUTIFUL panels glistening in the sun and burning up the ground. And my energy bill just keeps on going up and up and up. Gee, isn’t solar great for the environment, it really produces wonderfully on rainy days……………….

  3. Yes that is correct. Rino Republicans are very good at show votes and Richard Burr is the master. I believe he has voted 36 times to repeal Obama Care but the one vote to defund it he voted against it. He also voted for cloture for the attorney general and against the nomination. If he had wanted to block Ms. Lynch he would not have voted for cloture. When you understand the games they play you begin to see there is no difference between Rinos and Democrats. If Burr reallu wanted to do something they could have gone back to the Democrat way (Harry Reids way) of needing 50 votes for cloture through Reconciliation. But, they just want to get along.. A hope the Democrats love them. It is sickening!

  4. See how important it was when our hard core environmental movement splashed out big bucks to buy those two progresseive political consultants Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker. Buying them gives our movement an inside track to their clients in public office. That helped us push President Obama’s green energy program through the NC legislature, and now it is helping us push it through the US Congress.

    I told you before that buying Shumaker was our ace in the hole to get Burr’s support, and now just watch Stewart’s client Patrick McHenry in the House.

    Now we even have two of Stewart’s Obama Green Energy people inside NCGOP headquarters.

  5. Burr (and McCrory) is a disgrace. But we Conservatives are even more pathetic. We complain constantly and yet DO NOTHING to stop these political hacks. Where are OUR candidates in these races? Nowhere to be found. We reap what we sow.

  6. What is scary in Burr’s comment about NC being fourth in the nation on solar megawattage. That means our electric bills, as Obozo told us ”will necessarily skyrocket”. Worse than that, since we seem to have so much more of it being built than the rest of the country, our electric rates are going to get uncompetitive when it comes to industry looking to locate in NC, since solar and wind power is expensive and unreliable.

    When Burr says he sees jobs, he must be seeing jobs fleeing the state as businesses locate to states with cheaper electricity.

    Not only does Burr some across as an idiot who should not be reelected in his stupid comments on this subject, but so does Jerry Tillman. For electric generation, the US has plenty of coal, which is the cheapest source of electric power.

  7. The whole environmental movement originally took off in response to Rachel Carson’s book ”Silent Spring” about DDT allegedly killing birds. Now we have the environmental movement itself, in effect, advocating the killing of many thousands of birds and bats through giant bird cuisinart wind turbines on wind farms tearing them apart and being baked alive by solar panels. That is something that the environmentalists are doing every time they advocate wind and solar farms. Well, that and jacking up consumer electric rates. I guess it is all about the money that their crony capitalist friends are getting for these bird killing consumer ripoffs..

    1. “the killing of many thousands of birds and bats through giant bird cuisinart wind turbines on wind farms”

      Right on, GU Wonder! And where (oh where) is the Audubon Society and Greenpeace on this? (Crickets chirping).
      I’m sorry to break their bubble, but the USA runs on coal, oil and natural gas. We probably have the largest coal deposits on earth, but until Hussein leaves office, we won’t be able to use them.
      Wind & solar are the holy sacrament of the day, but they can’t begin to meet our energy needs.
      We can’t build more nuke plants, as the wacko environmentalists won’t allow it.

  8. As a bird lover it saddens my soul to see the birds destroyed not only by the wind farms but also the solar farms. The majority of your coal powered plants have been retrofitted for clean energy. Are all the people in the Green movement also elites with untold fortunes in their bank accounts?

  9. This is a purely despicable gov’t intrusion into a marketplace full of products that are NOT ready for prime time. I read an excellent article about a year ago reviewing the technical / investment downsides of wind farms. It said that when all the unanticipated downtime is factored in, wind turbines produce only about 10% of their nameplate power rating. That means WE the RATEPAYERS will be paying EVEN MORE than just for the subsidies that should not exist. I am 100% opposed to ANY gov’t “investment” or “directives” into ANY sector of the marketplace. And this is NOT ONLY based on the fact that their track record is abysmal, but that there is always some crony scam being paid for with OUR money. NO THANKS.

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