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The NCGOP’s big county problem

The N&O slipped up and actually did some decent reporting:  While Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper is expected to clash with the Republican-controlled General Assembly over the next several months, he has two other political challenges: Most of the state is Pat McCrory territory, geographically speaking….

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#ncpol: Gettin’ PAID for mailing stuff

As the end of the year reporting deadline came and went, I thought it would be fun to check in on the NCGOP organization itself.  For those of you playing along at home, that’s more complicated than it sounds. To look up the NCGOP on…

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SCOTUS puts brakes on Soros-Barber-Cooper tag team efforts to obtain new maps, elections for 2017

For a while, it’s been looking like — if you can’t get your way at the ballot box — you judge-shop until you find an old law school crony in black robes to make something up and bail you out.  Our highest court appears to…

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Thilli$$$: No more controver$$$y, plea$$$e. (I need to get PAID.)

Thom Tillis is out there preaching that national Republicans can learn a lesson from Pat McCrory about — get this — moving too far to the right: For all the GOP’s elect­or­al suc­cess this year, Sen. Thom Tillis says the party should see North Car­o­lina’s gubernat­ori­al…

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MORE Russia nonsense.

As the vote of the electoral college and inauguration day itself approach, the hysteria is reaching a deafening pitch.  We’re told that Russia subverted our political process and gave us Donald Trump.  (In 2008 and 2012, reports that Barry Obama was a Manchurian Candidate for…

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SOME on The Right actually buying into leftist crap about Trump and the election? (Apparently.)

It’s been quite disappointing to watch the wussification of National Review and The American Spectator — two publications that played a big part in fomenting my conservative passions as a young undergrad.  (I can actually remember The Spectator when it was more than a website….

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An Insider’s take on the downfall of Gov. Pat

There has been a lot of interesting feedback on my autopsy of the McCrory era.  One piece of feedback, in particular, was especially intriguing.  It comes from a Team McCrory insider who is so inside they can tell you what the governor is having for…

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#ncpol: Pat, we hardly got to know you.

So, our third Republican governor since Reconstruction is going down in history as the first North Carolina governor to be voted out of office.  Some people have laughably tried to pin Pat McCrory’s loss on some imagined right-wing stridency. I have been networking with some…

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Jeter’s final campaign report: $$ for gas, ding dongs and soda; little to nothing for successor, colleagues

It hit the papers that Charles Jeter would be quitting the NC House on July 25.  Yet, instead of leaving something for his successor, sharing with his soon-to-be-former colleagues, or showing some respect for his donors, he continued to spend campaign funds on “travel snacks,”…

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Fishiness: Did Robin Hayes’s side deal screw over McCrory, commercial fishing AND The NCGOP Downeast?

Many of the folks I’m hearing from say ‘Yes.’ Governor Pat McCrory was one of the few blemishes on what was otherwise a great election for North Carolina Republicans.  Some suggest the fallout from HB2 hurt the governor.  Others are suggesting anger over a controversial…