An Insider’s take on the downfall of Gov. Pat

There has been a lot of interesting feedback on my autopsy of the McCrory era.  One piece of feedback, in particular, was especially intriguing.  It comes from a Team McCrory insider who is so inside they can tell you what the governor is having for lunch, oh, right about now.  Here is an excerpt from their take on my earlier piece:

[…] McCrory did not campaign hard enough, raise enough money, did not listen well enough to people who are better at campaigns, etc.  He has done a really good job with respect to our economy, budget, valuing veterans, etc  […]
I also believe the governor spurned state employees and many who he came in contact with, and likability is a large factor when people go into the voting booth. While I disagree with the article’s premise that McCrory won’t leave much of a footprint (he turned the economy around, established two new cabinet agencies, etc., I do believe his pandering and lack of political awareness played a large role in his defeat. […] 
Bolded emphasis is mine, fyi.

11 thoughts on “An Insider’s take on the downfall of Gov. Pat

  1. Oh, right…establishing more layers of government is a great legacy for a Republican.(sarcasm off) And credit for the good economy goes totally to the Senate and House, who did ALL the heavy lifting. I have to give Berger and Tillis that credit. And valuing veterans? I am pretty sure that he did not lift a hand to help one Vet group trying to help mentally ill Vets in NC. Come to think of it, I am really not sure what the heck that guy has been doing for the past four years. Cutting ribbons? Making wood ornaments in the Easley’s old workshop in the basement of the Mansion? Hiding his wife? Whomever your lunch delivering source is, he is grasping at clouds to make himself feel that he is not the loser that he very obviously is.

    1. It is the fiscally sound Senate, not the spendthrift House that gets the real credit on the economy, although one of McCrory’s best appointees, who is now our State Treasurer Elect, does deserve major accolades for fixing our broken Employment Security system.

      1. Wonder why all the hiring takes place in liberal cities?
        Cause that’s where the tax base is.
        The horse-phuck counties have no growth. Software and research and banking and tourism thrive in blue cities…..? phuck counties? Not so much.

  2. McCrory embarrassingly pandered to blacks and the NAACP and on election day they kicked him in the teeth. A lot of Republicans are glad he’s gone. RINOs will never figure this out, of course. The GOP simply needs to send all their RINOs back to Charlotte or wherever they came from.

  3. A true southerner could have explained the entire McCrory past/present/future in 3 words, …”bless his heart.”

  4. So now he gets a DC post like Secretary of Energy, Transportation, or Interior? The milque-toast moderate is not even qualified to be Secretary of the POSTERIOR!

  5. I hear Pat is begging for FEMA. Makes sense. He was a disaster for the GOP in Charlotte. A disaster for the NC GOP in Raleigh. Why not put him in charge of all national disasters!

  6. Pat McCrory has many faults especially when it comes political campaigning. His actions remind me of that of a college frat boy greeting his fellow frat brothers high fiving and hugs juvenile.
    A clear show of disrespect or low brow behavior happened each time I or anyone else of average means greeted the governor he could never remember your name, worse yet he always looked passed you when shaking your hand for someone who could better help him politically.

    However Pat’s largest tragic flaw is the fact he had no loyalty for those who helped climb the political ladder to become governor. Even some of those closest to him after the 2008 election were thrown under the bus in favor of those who would or could push his political future.
    Well Mr. Governor you are about to become a former governor because of losing an election that by all rights you should of won. Smart moves huh!

    Karma Mr. Governor karma. What goes around comes around.

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