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Colon Campbell is JEALOUS.

The N&O’s boy wonder — and special lavatory investigator — opened up his favorite publication and found himself a scoop:  The humor publication MAD Magazine has named Gov. Pat McCrory to its annual “20 Dumbest List” because of his support for House Bill 2. The…

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Still not seeing the whole ‘second coming of Hitler’ thing

Lefties have tried hard to scare the crap out of us about what’s coming from newly-elected president Donald Trump.  Granted, Trump talked like he was going to take a sledgehammer to DC.  Granted, the lefties and their media cohorts are pounding back on him.  But,…

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#ncpol: ‘Occupy Elaine’ & co. aiding pro-Hillary electoral college coup attempt?

Apparently, Elaine Marshall’s office thinks I am a presidential elector.  (One of the secretary of state’s duties is to oversee our state’s participation in The Electoral College. )  I’m getting email from those folks: […] Sent: Wed, Nov 23, 2016 3:25 pm Subject: The Secretary…

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#ncpol: An interesting observation

Here’s The Winston-Salem Journal:  […] According to complete but unofficial results, Cooper won early voting statewide 1.52 million to 1.34 million, while McCrory won Election Day by an 845,579 to 681,035 margin. The absentee vote to date is 89,920 for McCrory and 80,989 for Cooper….

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Did I-77 toll brouhaha end up killing McCrory’s reelection?

“There was a lot of cash attached to this deal.  Tillis got the money and went to DC. McCrory stayed in Raleigh and took the blame and the beat-down.” —  Senior GOP source on the impact of the I-77 toll road dispute —- A lot…

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#ncga: A special session for a REALLY dumb, under-handed reason

If I hadn’t heard about this from so many elected sources, I might have passed this off as pure nonsense.  But, hey.  A lot of nonsense goes down in Raleigh every day. Apparently, the powers-that-be on Jones Street are plotting to call a special session…

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John Hood: Trump supporters ‘a motley crew of simpletons, bigots, and cynical manipulators’

Anyone wondering what the hell has been going on at The John Locke Foundation, Civitas, The Carol ina Plotthound, and The Pope Center for Higher Ed, needs to look no further than “Daddy Warbucks” Pope’s consigliérè John Hood.   Hood, who somehow has been proclaimed…

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Pat McCrory. (What happened?)

Right now, the popular thing is to scream about vote fraud.  There is some interesting evidence out there to support that argument.   Current returns show about a 5000 vote statewide for Cooper. But why didn’t these cheaters nail Burr? (Granted, he does cave and…

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#ncga: A more conservative House?

I know many of us were sad to see the ruling troika survive May AND November. But things turned out to be a wash in the lower chamber.  We’ll be dealing with the same partisan divide next session. But the new session’s majority may very…

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(Pssst. Hey. Check out all the results-accepting and STUFF.)

How come you don’t ever see Republican voters riot?  I mean running-through-the-streets-breaking-stuff rioting?  Seriously.  Anyone?  (Bueller?)  It seems just like yesterday that the driveby media and the I’m-with-Her crowd were tut-tutting and lecturing us about how undemocratic and improper it is to not accept the will…