#ncga: A special session for a REALLY dumb, under-handed reason

dollar2If I hadn’t heard about this from so many elected sources, I might have passed this off as pure nonsense.  But, hey.  A lot of nonsense goes down in Raleigh every day.

Apparently, the powers-that-be on Jones Street are plotting to call a special session before the end of the year.  One of the main agenda items?  Expand the membership of The Supreme Court so new members can be appointed. 

SERIOUSLY.  Apparently, some folks in high places on Jones Street have the idea of negating the Democrat takeover of the high court via the surprise victory of Mike Morgan.  If the election results hold in the governor’s race, this would have to be done before Pat McCrory leaves office.  He would be instrumental in enacting these changes.

dolmorePrior to the election, McCrory appeared on a Raleigh radio show and announced his plans to call a special session of the legislature before the end of the year.  

Of all the bad ideas I’ve ever heard, this ranks right down there with the worst.  Changing the rules because you don’t like how the election worked out is disgustingly authoritarian. THAT can cut both ways — against Dems and Republicans.  And the people lose either way.